Letter To The Love Of My Life, Who Destroyed My Heart

One of the most painful things to go through is undoubtedly the breakup of a meaningful relationship. But what do you have to do to pass that bitter drink?

We all go through a relationship breakdown. Rupture of which it is thought that there is no way or time to overcome because it was considered a great love. But when the separation is irremediable, you have to pass that bitter drink to be able to move on, otherwise you cannot continue living.

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If this is your case, I propose that you write a letter as long as your ideas and that you include everything that your heart dictates to you, in which you can capture three things (which I describe below) that can help you to fulfill your purpose. When you finish writing it (it does not matter the time), read it, preferably out loud and when you are ready to say goodbye, break it or burn it, in this way that cycle will be closed.

1. Thanks

If the breakup has just happened, you may not be able to perceive it, but you will sooner or later, and it is very necessary to recognize it, because that person for whom you feel so many mixed feelings (love, hatred and resentment) gave you part of his life and his time. He took things out of you that you didn’t know you had such as virtues, abilities, signs of affection, courage; in addition, it made you analyze and correct some defects. It helped you to develop to its maximum potential your enormous capacity to love, which no one else could do before and that you could hardly have achieved alone. She lit up your life and pushed you to be a better person during the time she was by your side.

2. Sorry

You must search for it in the depths of your heart so that when you have it and you really feel it, you can offer it from the depths of your soul. Gather all those things that hurt and hurt you so much, think about each of them, if some were repeated and you passed them by; Also discuss why you allowed it. Then, analyze the same thing but with yourself, and ask yourself what things did you do that could hurt her, hurt her and yourself? When you do this, seek your own forgiveness and offer the same, but only when you really feel it. As with letter writing, no matter how long it may take, just strive to achieve it as soon as possible.

3. What you loved about him

Express to him what you liked most about him, because in that same you can find, at the same time, what you love the most about yourself and you can offer in your next relationship. Important aspects such as his intelligence, creativity, tenderness, love of nature, of life; humility, tolerance, respect, prudence, solidarity; their positive habits (the taste for reading, taking care of their health by exercising or eating healthy, etc.); love for others and oneself; his spirituality, respect for his parents and his family; his desire to fight in life and for his ideals, his perseverance, his dreams, everything you consider that made him be that valuable man whom you loved.

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When a person has the great fortune of living an intense relationship and for some reason it ends, it is necessary to do something equally intense, otherwise you close yourself to the possibility of looking for that happiness that is waiting for you. Although some people minimize your feelings, ignore it, only you know what you are going through, so take courage! And continue your life.


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