Learn To Do It Right, Or Lose Your Facebook Account

For me, the greatest pleasure in writing is not the subject matter, but the music that words make. “Truman Capote

Some time ago I read a false news: that Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of the largest social network in the world, considered closing the accounts of people who do not type correctly. My first thought when I read this was, there will be no one left! And it is that they will not be able to deny that ezkrivir azzi ez kosa kotidiana, is more: I have found texts that simply and simply I have not been able to “translate”.

And it is not necessarily a lack of knowledge, but I do not know to whom it occurred that this is fashion and, as such, everyone tries to imitate it. Professionals, mothers, students of all levels flaunt bad spelling. The delicate point is that most of the time a lie, or in this case an error, repeated so many times, tends to become a proof of legitimacy.

Writing is serious

Words should be serious. Writing is like the clothes of our thoughts. When we write, we reveal our values, our prejudices, our character, even our education or lack of it. When we allow ourselves to write irresponsibly, without taking care of what we put on the paper, we are saying to those who read us that little or nothing matters to us if they understand us or not, neither their conclusions, nor the opinion that is made of us. And something that bothers me more than anything: when we consciously write badly, we promote ignorance and threaten the growth of those who take us as an example.

Benefits of a good spelling

You may think that writing according to the spelling rules is not so important. Let me convince you of your mistake, and by the way save you from Zuckerberg deleting your Facebook account:

  • Writing well avoids misunderstandings.

  • A person who takes care of what he writes transmits to the person who reads the feeling of capacity, professionalism, intelligence, preparation and respect for the recipient.

  • Allows communication to flow efficiently.

  • The right words can open or close many doors for you, open or close hearts for you.

  • Writing correctly also says a lot about the way you want to be perceived.

What you can do to improve your spelling

  • Read as much as possible, reading expands vocabulary and teaches us to express ourselves correctly.

  • Take your time to write. No matter how good your spelling is, there is always the risk of “fingering.”

  • Read the text aloud, before ending it.

  • Consult the dictionary when you have doubts about a word.

  • Spell checkers can be useful, but they don’t do everything, don’t trust them.

  • Try to write regularly. If you have children, encourage them to write from a young age. Practice makes a master.

  • Worry about how you write, remember that it is also your cover letter. Instill this position in your little ones.

Communication was, is and will be a key part of the relationship between human beings. Even in situations where nature prevents this from happening in a conventional way, we have created alternative ways of doing it because communicating is intrinsic to us. Doing it the right way is not just right, but beneficial to us as a species. I’m sure the following ideas will help you improve your writing.

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