Know The 3 Dangers Of Overworking

Everything in excess is bad, even the water. Be careful with these practices when working.

Yes, I get it, money is not everything in life. But it does help in many, many things. Now, as the vast majority of us are not children or compadres of Carlos Slim, Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg, we have to earn a living working, sometimes even in triple shifts or activities.

So, of course, it’s nice to work and feel that delight of earning a peso, dollar, yen, euro or the currency of your country, thanks to hard work. However, do not abuse; everything in excess is bad, even water. So you must take into account the dangers that exist when working too much.

Overwork problems

To begin with, there are issues that must be taken into account generated by excess work, these are: stress, fatigue, heart, neurological and gastric problems (that of bringing a fire in the pit of the stomach is not pleasant).

Look, I’ll give you some information, in 2013 in Mexico there were 415,660 work accidents and 6,364 work-related illnesses. As if that were not enough, 982 people died for work reasons. According to the results of an analysis, 27% of these situations were due to harsh, long and exhausting days.

1. Tiredness

This invariably results in poor performance. Come on, if a day has 24 hours and you work 12, 16 or even 20, then (if Pythagoras does not lie), you will have only four hours to sleep, when it is advisable to rest for at least 6 hours. If you are sleepy and tired all day, you do not concentrate well, then there is a risk that you will do your job badly and consequently a probable dismissal will come; or in the worst case, you have an accident.

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2. Stomach and cardiovascular problems

Poor eating or “half eating” can lead to dyspepsia problems. This is the laborious and imperfect digestion of food, as well as heartburn, abdominal pain and flatulence (I don’t think you want to go around aromatizing your whole environment).

Not eating properly is also reflected in weight and obesity. This brings diabetes or cardiovascular problems. It is better to set a well-established hour or a few minutes for food than afterwards to try a delicious chayote (guatila or chuchu) smoothie while you remain in the hospital.

3. Substance dependence

Of course, one can become a drug addict under so much stress. And it’s not that you think of heavy and illegal substances; Not resting, not eating and being under stress can cause constant headaches, so to remove them, an aspirin comes. Taking this “magic” pill often brings about ailments to the heart. I know reckless people who take it with a well-known cola drink, so the risk is double because the machine is put to work twice.

Understand that your health is the most important thing, since without it, any pending you have can not be done.

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