It’s Not Like Everyone Else: This Japanese Method Will Make You Lose Fat Like Never Before And You’ll Have The Flat Stomach That You Want Both

Between 2 and 10 minutes a day, in a few weeks you will not be able to believe the difference.

I admit that I have been seeing the news of this method on the web and I have been avoiding it. In reality, there are so many methods, tricks, miracle recipes and home remedies to lose weight and burn fat that I just no longer appeal to them and I believe only a very small handful. But when I saw what it was about, I was surprised, as you will be.

Losing belly fat when dieting is a tough challenge for most people. You lose weight and it seems that the belly is always there. Or lose weight and soon you gain it quickly. Many do gymnastics and do not achieve optimal results. So, they begin to delve into other techniques looking for something different. If you are one of them, you can try this Japanese method that is not only very simple, but also promises great results in the short term.

An unusual technique

You will think that these are complicated exercises that require a lot of effort and preparation, but in truth it is something so simple (at least it seems that way) that you will find yourself trying it while reading each explanatory line (as I did).

Apparently, and according to an article in El Confidencial, the actor Miki RyƓsuke is the one who recommends this technique, which arose by chance. He was seeking relief from a long-standing low back pain, and his doctor recommended these exercises to alleviate the discomfort. As a result, in addition to relieving his back pain, he lost 13 kilos and a few inches from his waist.

To tell the truth, I don’t think it’s as magical as it sounds, because no method works if you don’t also eat a balanced diet. Surely the actor, in addition to a balanced diet, achieved with these exercises an improvement in his physique that caught his attention so much that he wanted to share it on the networks. The video posted on YouTube is all the rage. And here we explain step by step how to achieve and carry out each exercise. By trying, you don’t lose anything, right?


The exercises are specifically based on breathing. We have always heard about the importance of breathing when exercising, but this Japanese technique emphasizes breathing itself as a form of exercise. It seems easy, it’s just a matter of trying.

The exercise consists of inhaling and exhaling

First exercise

Get into a comfortable place and stand up straight. Now, tense your glutes and step one foot forward, bringing the greatest support of your body on the back foot. Breathe deeply through your nose for 3 seconds as you raise your arms and bring them over your head. Now, contract all the muscles of your body and exhale strongly for a count of 7 seconds, while lowering your arms to the level of the waist (the arms come down with force, at the same time you release your breath).

Second exercise

It is a variant of the first but the difference lies in the position. With your back straight, your legs slightly open, and your feet slightly pointing outward, squeeze your gluteal muscles tightly and place one hand in front of your stomach and one on your back, palm out. Now breathe in for 3 seconds while tucking your belly in as far as possible. Now, when you exhale, you will release all the air for about 7 seconds but you will have to keep pushing your belly even more, with more force. It becomes somewhat difficult, because one relates releasing the air with loosening the abdomen, but in this case it is the other way around. For results, the exercise should be repeated for 2 to 5 minutes per day.

Why can breathing help you lose weight?

Although this technique should not be used as a replacement for conventional physical activity, it is a great ally of it, since deep breathing is beneficial in any type of activity.

We know that breathing correctly has great benefits. The blood is oxygenated and, together with it, improves our metabolism, blood pressure, and improves stress. According to the site Salud180, this method of conscious breathing allows toxins to be released easily, improves blood circulation, and allows a gradual reduction in body fat, thus reducing obesity.

readIt’s not like everyone else: this Japanese method will make you lose fat like never before and you will have the flat abdomen that you want SO MUCH

According to the Health Day site, and according to research conducted by the University of Hampton, programs that combine yoga exercises with breathing have great benefits in terms of weight loss compared to those in which conscious breathing is not used. Thus, in the groups of people studied, those who had included conscious breathing in their exercises managed to lose up to three kilos more than those in the other group, and all of them without changing or reducing caloric intake.

The healing benefits of breathing

It’s not just about losing weight; Correct breathing oxygenates our brain and brings us multiple benefits. Breathing is an act of every day, but if we do it properly the benefits for the body are many, according to the site Salud180:

Purifies the body

Taking a deep breath not only cleans your lungs and brings you fresh air, but also reduces stress levels

Reduce pain

And I attest to it. A few days ago my head hurt a lot and I implemented a deep breathing technique and the pain immediately subsided. In addition, it helps to relieve muscle tension.


What do you do when you lose your cool? Breathe deeply. Well, that’s what your body needs. But if you really want calm, breathe consciously. You can close your eyes and focus, seeking peace. You can thus lower the level of anxiety and clarify your ideas.


Deep breathing connects your body with your spirit. If you have never tried it, it is something wonderful because it brings innumerable benefits


Now that you know the many benefits that mindful breathing brings, you can use it to take advantage of it and bring great benefits to your body. And if while reading the exercises you were trying them, you are one of mine! Anyway, if you want more details, besides consulting with your doctor, we leave you the video

Share this valuable information. What other unconventional methods have helped you lose weight?

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