It Is Very Easy To See What You Need, The Challenge Is To Count Your Blessings

When you count your blessings, you realize how lucky you are, and you stop seeing your shortcomings.

Some time ago I read the story of a man blind from birth. This man went to a therapist because he was experiencing severe depression. During the first consultation, the therapist asked him to bring a list of all the good things that happened to him for the next appointment .

That was how the date arrived, the man thanked her for having left him that job. Curious, I ask him why, he replied that he no longer felt unhappy. He had realized all the blessings he received each day. So she asked him for the list and he handed her a notebook. It was full from start to finish with things that he considered made him happy during that time.

Surprised because she did not expect such a feat, she began to read what it said there:

To begin with, I like the feeling of the rain falling on my face.

The song of the birds that comes through my window at dawn is something I can also appreciate.

Food’s taste. The temperature of the water when I bathe… ».

So it went on page after page of that man’s notebook. The more he read, the more he realized that he, despite his disability, was able to realize all the things that he was blessed with every day; she on the other hand, with all her full senses, had not been able to appreciate half of what he named on the first page.

You own things you don’t even imagine

If we were aware of how immenselyblessedthat we are every day, I think being happy would be much easier.

The problem is that realizing how blessed we are is really very difficult. It’s like when someone asks us to say 10 of our qualities. When we think about these aspects, the first thing that comes to mind are our difficulties and shortcomings. Of these, more than a dozen can reach our mind, but of very few qualities. The good news is that this changes when you put a little effort into realizing what a wonderful person you are.

It happens to all of us, this is not bad for a single human being. Perhaps this is why there is so much in the worldselfishness, spiritual poverty, envy and gossip.

Thanking changes you for the better and that of others

Fortunately, we can all achieve a change that leads us to be better people. This requires only a little awareness and ability tothanks.

What you should do at the beginning of the day is to appreciate waking up a new day alive. This helps you to realize that you have the health and strength to start, and with this you start winning.

Then, be grateful for the services that your home has, the comforts that you have even if they are few: A bed, a roof; many people don’t even have that. She is also grateful for food, even if it is few and very simple; there are hundreds of people who go days without eating anything.

You can do this task with everything you have: your job, your partner or family and friends, health. Note that by thanking everything you have, you realize that you have more than many other people, and that alone should make you happy.

At the end of the day, when you go to sleep, end by thanking that everything went well for you, that you are back with your family; think that many people who woke up like you did not end their day in a good way.

When you pray in gratitude for that long list of things you can enjoy yourself for, you realize that you are a wealthy and lucky person. You may not be a millionaire, but let me tell you that the world is full of people so poor that all they have is money.

Money does not give you happiness

A relative who died in 2003 gave me an example of this.

She was a very rich woman, beautiful and a good person; However, her life in her youth was far from being a paragon ofhappiness. Married to a wealthy man, she had a life full of luxury, but full of unhappiness. This man treated her very badly as a result of his excessive jealousy; their marriage was hell in a golden cage.

Scandals in front of friends, public humiliations and more were the daily bread; that, until he could not bear it anymore and together with his three children he abandoned him. Words from her, he endured more than anyone should, he did not know if for fear of retaliation or family pressure. The truth is that one day she was filled with courage and chose to change her life. Separated and divorced, years later she found love again and was finally happy.

Look for your economic and spiritual progress

I tell the above story because there are people who place all their hopes of happiness on getting money. They believe that only then will they be happy, but it is not like that. The world is full of sick and lonely millionaires who don’t even get all the money from loyal friends and disinterested family members. They are in such poor health that they cannot indulge in a piece of cake or a tablespoon of soup; things that many, without so many luxuries, can access and enjoy.

You may say that you would not mind having a little money, and wishing you had it is not bad, the bad thing is when you lose everything you have by focusing only on filling your pockets with wealth.

Strive to seek personal progress and may this go hand in hand with spiritual progress; both are necessary for your happiness and that of your family.

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