Is Your Husband Cold And Does Not Show His Feelings? Then This Is For You

There are people who have no idea how to treat their partners. If you were lucky enough to find an extremely cold partner, this information will be of interest to you.

There are men who are not what you want. It’s not because they don’t want to, but because that’s how they learned to be: expressionless. For the same reason, many simply do not know how to treat their partner.

“It attracted me since I saw him go by, and when I first heard him I knew he was the person I had been waiting for my whole life,” a friend shared with me a long time ago. He continued: «Seven months later our relationship began, and he was not affectionate, not attentive, nor attentive, he hardly talked and gave the feeling that he was not interested in what I could say to him. Most of the time he was grumpy, he couldn’t dance, he wasn’t tolerant of anyone’s mistakes and, as incredible as it may seem, I was his second ‘love’ relationship. I’ve been with him for almost 17 years, and he’s not at all that cold person I knew. Let’s say I just need to learn to dance … »

By nature, the woman looks for in a partner: attention, affection, details, fun, learning, comfort, support, madness, complicity, understanding and love; but when this is not the case, she chooses to direct her gaze towards another horizon that meets her demands.

However, there are those, like my friend, who feel that this person is the one, but they don’t know how to deal with that coldness. If you are going through this same experience, read how you can reverse this situation:

1. His decision, not yours

If you are very attracted to that person, you should not try to change their way of being, because that is precisely what seduced you. Rule out that possibility from the beginning. If you are changing or modifying certain features, let it be your own decision, not yours. Let him meet you and fall in love with you.

2. Arm yourself to the teeth of patience

Most likely, you are faced with a man full of barriers, doubts, who does not show affection, even a bit rude; then your patience should be 100 percent. If you are about to lose it, remember how much your partner is worth to move forward or not.

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3. You have a bossy voice

In these cases it is essential that you take the initiative for everything. Remember that he does not know how to be with you, so: ask him out, write him letters, tell him how much you like him, be tender and affectionate, kiss him, hug him, procure him, be interested in his things, encourage him to talk to you, suddenly send him a message (without overwhelming him), play, highlight his virtues … whatever you can think of.

4. Open a communication bridge

Express to him what he makes you feel, what you think of him; And if his attitudes confuse you, ask him why he does it, tell him what you would like him to do with you, let him know your concerns, your disagreements, annoyances … in short, everything that you consider relevant so that they get to know and respect each other more and more and your relationship becomes stronger.

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It is written easier than it can be done, it is true, but so is the fact that it can be achieved, it is just a matter of not giving up and having the assurance that that person for whom you are fighting so much is really worth it. . It is not about wanting to change him, it is about infecting him with your love, or teaching him how to express it, so that he does the same.

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