Is Only 19 Years And 32 Surgeries And Takes His Life Is A Miracle And Plans To Pay It In The Most Unexpected

An incredible miracle ….

Congenital heart disease is a disease that in recent times has affected hundreds of newborn children in many countries around the world.

That was the case of Betahny Gooch, an American girl from the city of Memphis in the state of Tennessee. She was born in 1997 and apparently she was a completely healthy girl because visits to the pediatrician did not reveal that the girl suffered from any type of illness.

However, just 2 months after birth, the girl’s health began to decline, her skin color acquired a tone that did not predict anything good. Her parents took her to the hospital and after a series of tests she was diagnosed with a couple of serious heart defects – Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF) and pulmonary atresia.

Fortunately, these two heart diseases were discovered in time, despite the fact that she was born before the children were given pulse oximetry, an exam that would become routine in most hospitals in the United States.

However, Betahny had a very rare form of TOF and the doctors did not know how to treat it. Despite this, she underwent surgery that greatly improved her health, although for a long time she was a very fragile child.

Bethany comments: “I had surgery every six months, that was a part of my life. I couldn’t do what other children do because I would get tired »

Being a disease at that time unknown, doctors did not know how to treat it, yet Serena LaGesse, Bethany’s mother says: “In that sense, she really is an example of how to keep someone alive until new research emerges, a new technique or a new treatment »

A childhood full of sacrifices and efforts

Logically, a girl with this heart condition will have different care than other children. She had to go to the doctor 2 times a year to undergo surgeries to help keep her heart active.

At school, while other children played and ran, Bethany had to sit and watch them have fun and even take naps during recess hours.

At the age of 8, she finally underwent a surgical procedure that corrected a hole in her heart. With this new procedure, her skin color stopped being bluish and acquired a pink tone, but in addition to that, her ability to breathe improved.

After a while, by being able to attend a camp for children with heart problems, Bethany managed to make many friends, especially a girl who helped her to have a lot of strength and to see life in a different way.

Now Bethany is 19 years old and has survived 32 surgeries to correct her heart problems and is a girl full of dreams and goals. One of them is a kind of retribution for all the miracles of which she has been credited; wants to study to be a nurse.

The Awareness Week of Congenital Heart Disease

It was held from February 7 to 14 and every year for that same date. For Bethany, as for the hundreds of children who are born each year in the USA as in the rest of the world with some type of heart abnormality, that week represents a new advance in medical science, which improves their quality of life.

Because of her delicate condition, Bethany for years assumed that her life was going to be restricted, but now she knows that annual advances can make the difference between a monotonous life to a full of adventures that opens before her eyes.

And you, what do you do with your dreams?

It is impossible not to think of each person who despite enjoying excellent health but who have chosen a hopeless life, mired in silence and sadness that let life go by without effort or struggle.

Bethany is a good example of the struggle and the effort that living represents, because no one has said that doing it is easy. Living represents challenges, tears, sacrifices, failures, effort, struggle and triumphs, some more glorious than others, but all are worth it.

The invitation is that you do not let yourself be knocked down by the hard onslaught of life, sometimes you will fail, other times the fight will not be so hard, but I assure you from my own experience that the greatest joys of existence come later. of hard work.

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