Is It Okay To Think Of Your Children Before Yourself? This Is What The Experts Say, And Believe Me It Will Change Your Life

Sacrificing yourself for your children can harm your health. Learn these tips.

Being a mother is a great blessing, it can be said that a woman does not know true love until her children come to life. It is an indestructible feeling, that cannot be explained in words, a strong and solid bond impossible to break. However, this wonderful feeling can sometimes be detrimental to the mother’s health.

The love felt for the partner or family is not comparable, the children are an essential part of the mother. Many times moms sacrifice everything (literally everything), to provide their children with physical and emotional stability. How many times have you stopped eating or buying any treats for giving them to them?

But why can it be harmful to health? According to what was published in Childhood Stage, most mothers are constantly worried, sad, anguished, tired and stressed, to take care of the well-being of their children. Now I understand that a child, no matter how adult, a mother will always suffer for him all her life, despite the fact that the children are happy and independent.

1. Stress

Mothers tend to stress easily, always thinking about meeting the needs of their children, What does the child have to go to extra-school activities? What does the child have to eat? What does the child have to have his clothes ready for school? What does the son have to do homework? What did the son ask for some stationery for the next day? etc.

The stress is accompanied by anxiety, anguish, strong fatigue, exhaustion and poor performance. When we worry excessively and about many things at the same time, our stress response is activated, releasing hormones such as adrenaline, which affects our energy, digestion, constipation or discomfort in general throughout the body. It even affects the immune system, so you are likely to get sick a lot.

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2. Fears and worries

When children begin to become independent and grow, mothers tend to have constant fears and worries, since it is practically impossible to be with children 24 hours a day to care for and protect them.

It is essential to control fears so as not to suffer anxiety; for fear the body becomes stiff, feels a sense of nervous stomach and a strong chest tightness, resulting in exhaustion, discomfort and difficulty falling asleep. Sometimes these signs can turn into cardiovascular diseases.

Controlling fear is essential to avoid damaging health; Trust in the ability and intelligence of your children and let them make mistakes and suffer the consequences of their actions.

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3. There is no identity

In general, mothers are always in second place, before the physical and emotional well-being of the children. Putting aside your own needs, which leads to an imbalance. Remember a mother must be well in her health and emotionally to care for, guide and support her children, otherwise, you will only be affecting your well-being.

It is not thinking selfishly, on the contrary, take time to do what you like for example: rest, read, exercise, go for coffee with your friends, be intimate with your partner. Remember not to neglect your children, thinking of you.

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Organize your day, your responsibilities and you will learn to enjoy every moment. Take care of your health and do not let illnesses enter your life. You are very important to your children!

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