Is It Normal To Feel Jealous?

Are you often jealous? Be careful, the situation may be more serious than you suspect.

Nobody can deny that at some time in his life he has been jealous. What should be clear is how to handle this emotion that, many times, alters our lives and moods for no reason, no reason involved. Here are some lights on this:

  • Avoid arguing. The consequences of an argument are not pleasant for anyone, they change your mood, put you in a bad mood and, therefore, sometimes you say hurtful things that self-destruct.
  • Don’t speak in the moment. Take some time out and take a deep breath, think carefully about what you are feeling, why, and then talk with your partner about what caused that emotion; respect at all times when having that conversation.
  • Confide in yourself. You are a person who is worth a lot. It is vital that you do not forget to look at yourself with loving eyes every day. You don’t need to prove anything to anyone, or compete with other people to get attention.
  • Promote your personal life. Do this not only to keep your schedule full of different activities, but to create a space in which you feel good and that you are in a position to drive away your fears.
  • Keep positive thoughts. Do not destroy yourself with negative things, remember how important you are and your worth. Think of pleasant and serene moments; This will dramatically improve your mood and make your day more enjoyable.
  • Seek help. If you feel that jealousy dominates your life, it is better to seek professional support, in which you are given efficient and effective tools to face the situations that trigger this emotion.
  • Trust your partner. This is a fundamental issue in order to be a happy family. With confidence, many new opportunities arise for both of you, and for this it is key to maintain good communication, know each other well, love and respect each other.
  • Discover your capabilities.__ We all have different talents. One way to keep yourself busy is to experiment with new activities, such as: painting classes, yoga, dance classes, relaxation massages and many others that are to your liking. The important thing is that you feel good about yourself in order to project a positive image to others.
  • Accept yourself as you are. The stereotypes of beauty established today by society are FALSE; It is important that you accept and understand it. Love yourself as you are, with a couple of kilos or extra pounds, with your skin and eye color, no matter how you are; The important thing is that you always know your infinite value and that this is how you conquered your partner.
  • Keep it real. The imagination lends itself to the existence of many ghosts, so it becomes necessary to be objective and clearly differentiate what is happening from what we imagine or believe is happening.
  • Apply tolerance. Accept that you cannot be present in all the situations that your partner faces, therefore, be tolerant and respect their times. Don’t pretend to control everything, getting to know each of their friends and constantly criticizing them only causes more damage.
  • Don’t blame anyone for what you feel. Feelings and emotions belong to each person, and blaming your partner for what you are experiencing will only drive them away. It is you who can change what you feel, do not forget.

It is important that you know that feeling jealousy in a moderate way is normal, but doing it frequently and without justified reasons can turn it into something pathological and, therefore, into a path of difficult return, which only finds a solution with specialized intervention.

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