Is Exercising Hurting You? Find Out Here

Exercising is great and its benefits are endless, but be careful! Don’t lose sight of these danger signs, they can save you from great harm.

Believe it or not, there are people who have come to have health problems from overdoing it! If you are currently practicing a sport or someone of your loved ones is doing it, I recommend you read this article and verify that none of the situations that arise are happening to you. If any of these catch your attention, discuss it with your coach, a physical therapist or your doctor. Do not entertain doubts.

1. Tiredness and pain

When we begin to exercise after not doing it for a long time, it is normal to feel some fatigue and even pain, although these diminish as we continue exercising. However, when these do not decrease, something is not right. Pain is a warning that something is going wrong, that it is about to fail and collapse. Pay attention and try to distinguish where the pain lies, if it is sharp, burns or pulses and visit your doctor.

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2. You are continually agitated, your heart beats too hard or too fast

Again, when we exercise, it is normal and very good for our hearts to move and shake because that is precisely what strengthens it. However, when we are in total rest, for example when we wake up, our heart should also be at rest without shocks, agitation and with a stable and pleasant rhythm.

If while at rest you feel that your heart “goes crazy or wants to go out” – and you are not in love -, dear friend, you have to pay attention. An examination with the cardiologist is important to rule out any arrhythmia, injury or any other problem.

3. You are using medications for inflammation

I am allergic to some anti-inflammatories and I have a panic, I avoid them at all costs for my own life, but I understand that some people use them the first days of training, when they change their routine or prepare for a competition; however, this should be the exception and never the rule.

Muscles are burned, damaged, inflammation is a warning that something is happening with muscles, tendons, joints and nerves. If you are consuming ibuprofen or a similar substance that eliminates inflammation or makes it more bearable on a regular basis, perhaps, inadvertently, you are complicating a serious condition in your body. Visit your doctor and avoid self-medicating.

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4. You gain or lose weight very quickly

Most of us – mainly women – are very pleased when we start to lose weight, but if you are losing or gaining weight too fast, you urinate a lot or a little and you don’t feel “very good”, it’s time to visit your nutritionist and general practitioner to rule out hormonal or endocrine problems.

5. Your eating habits were altered

Exercise is the best because it encourages us, our body regulates itself and everything begins to work better, but if in this case you no longer feel hungry for long periods of time, something is not working as it should.

6. Something is not right

Our spirit, our intelligence and our conscience tell us sometimes with whispers and sometimes with screams that something is wrong and we must listen and pay attention to what our body tells us.

Everything in excess is bad and exercising excessively or incorrectly is even dangerous. Don’t let it happen to you.

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