“instead Of Doing All These Things For Me … I Hugged You”; The Deepest Words Of A Mother With Whom We All Feel Identified

This is JUST being a mom, and that’s how beautiful and difficult it can be at the same time.

Many mothers today use the networks to share their true emotions about motherhood.

While some are pure love, and make motherhood seem the easiest thing in the world, other women choose to talk about the negative or how difficult it can be. However, motherhood is a bit of everything. It’s endless laughter, soul-breaking crying, it’s sleepless nights and mornings that we don’t want to come because we’re snuggled up with our babies in bed. It is fear of being wrong and an incomparable happiness when we know that we have been right.

Motherhood is complaints, reproaches, little fingers that point at us and make us responsible for something bad that we never wanted to happen; It is hidden gifts, phones full of photos that seem copies to others, but to us, each one represents a treasure of our lives.

Motherhood is those deep cleanings that we do because the grandparents are going to arrive, the hair stretched in a ponytail and the perfect smiles that testify that we are good mothers. Motherhood is the greatest achievement and the worst downfall. Motherhood is everything we give up for a little while more with these little people who gave us the best title in the world: Moms.

A mother like you and me

«Today my patience is very thin and the only thing I could think about was having a few minutes to myself, but since you fell fast asleep on my chest, it was an easy choice even though I had a list of things that need to be done .

Because instead … I hugged you.

I was going to unload the dishwasher and the overflowing sink I have in the sink.

But instead … I hugged you.

I was going to fold the clothes in the dryer and rewash the clothes that got wet overnight.

But instead … I hugged you.

I was going to take my two minute shower and if I was lucky I was going to blow dry my hair and maybe put on some makeup.

But instead … I hugged you.

I was going to answer some emails from my work and I was going to return some missed calls that have been waiting for the last 72 hours.

But instead … I hugged you.

I was going to vacuum up the cereal you accidentally dumped in the living room and stairs, and I was also going to pick up some of the toys that are scattered in every room, but not in the playroom.

But instead … I hugged you.

I was going to dine on the food cooked in the crockpot and go through the pile of mail that has been on the counter since Monday.

But instead … I hugged you.

I was going to take you upstairs and lay you down; I was pretty sure you wouldn’t wake up if I did. Maybe you would have been more comfortable in your bed?

But instead … I hugged you.

You see, your little legs are already touching the chair, and it seems like yesterday that your tiny fingers were still resting on my stomach.

Your little breaths and sweet hands fit perfectly around me, but you’ll soon prefer to stretch out in your own big girl bed.

It turns out that the plans I had for this moment were not going to achieve what I have now in my arms.

I found my calm, peace and satisfaction right here, now, due to a simple choice …

But instead … I hugged you.

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it was published in English in the Huffington Post. You can read more things that this mom writes on her Facebook account.

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