In An Uncertain World, How Do You Make Your Children Grow Up Without Fear?

This article proposes four basic ideas that can help you to encourage your children to develop a good attitude, so that they can overcome the difficulties that life presents them.

The age in which we live is full of challenges. How, then, can we help our children grow up in an uncertain world, while facing fear, disappointment, and failure? How can that help you to be successful? I have learned that everything has to do with the motivation they receive and the attitude they develop from a young age. Most of the success has to do with the attitude they have towards life, the situations that arise and the people around them or with whom they are related, particularly in times when there are negative factors that they must overcome. The following are four benefits that you can see in your family if you help your children develop a good attitude:

1. A good attitude is the great motivator par excellence

Parents who support their children to have a positive outlook towards adversity, make them appreciate the value of their effort and feel motivated to give their best, no matter how difficult it may seem to achieve something. That motivation is also contagious. If you set out to offer your children that perspective of having a good attitude, you will understand that they will be motivated to identify the good before deciding how to act to resist all the bad that may come their way. In my family, we feel happy when our children feel calm when they see the positive side of things.

2. A good attitude helps them see that there are two main decisions in life

You can be successful in helping your children understand that when a problem arises, they basically have two options: 1) get angry, frustrated and upset, which will create even more problems, or 2) have the attitude of solving problems , which leads to lessons that children can learn from each experience that is presented to them. Even if they feel frustrated, they can learn to channel that feeling in a positive way.

3. A good attitude helps children to act instead of react.

One of the aspects that my husband and I have proposed in our family, is to avoid situations in which it seems that the home is full of reactions and complaints. The good attitude has helped our children to act to solve or share ideas, instead of being negative reactors in certain situations.

4. A good attitude helps children achieve a productive life

By having a good attitude, children become little people who enjoy working with others, being interdependent, and helping them to be productive with the resources they have, take proper advantage of opportunities that are presented to them, and be considerate of others.

By teaching our children the existing reality, that there are challenges in life and that their success depends to a certain extent on the attitude with which they face difficulties, we are helping them to lead a productive life, yearn for a future safe and that they can learn from the experiences they have.

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