Images Captured During The Eclipse Now Reveal A Mysterious Figure That Many Claim To Be God

When you see the photos, what do you see? What you see in them speaks a lot about you, your values ​​and beliefs. Do you dare to see the photos?

For all of us who live in the American continent, this year has been truly surprising due to the amount of natural phenomena that have been occurring: earthquakes in Mexico, hurricanes in the Pacific, extreme temperatures and, last but not least, an eclipse!

Although eclipses occur regularly and can even be predicted when and where, the phenomena that continue to occur around them do not end.

The eclipse that occurred on August 21, 2017 continues to be news in the media, as it had very particular characteristics.

The first eclipse that was broadcast live on social networks

It was the first eclipse that was broadcast live on social networks and reached an incredible diffusion and the first also in which thousands of people had the opportunity to take photos and videos without professional equipment other than their cell phones and transmit or share them with the rest from your friends and contacts.

It was precisely one person of those thousands who took the photographs that Baúl de ideas published and that have not stopped circulating, unleashing great controversy and thousands of comments.

In Maryland, United States, Jeremy Nickens, began to take some photos with his cell phone during the eclipse, then decided to upload some of them and the public’s attention was immediate.

In the first photo you can see the progress of the eclipse behind some clouds, but if you look closely, in the background you can see a human-shaped silhouette.

And there began the countless comments as each person gave their own interpretation of the silhouette.

San Agustin de Hipona is awarded the phrase that says: “Faith consists in believing what we do not see and the reward is seeing what we believe”

readImages captured during the eclipse now reveal a mysterious figure that many claim to be God

What do you want to see?

Each one of us has endless pending, anxieties, goals and even secrets that take up a lot of space in our mind, that are latent and come out to meet us when we least think about it.

It is curious that the image captured by Jeremy offers so many impressions. Some say that it is a divine character, a deity, while others speak of animals, historical or even fictional characters.

It is like when we were children we would lie down in the meadow to see the nines and find out what shape they had and have fun.

Each of us sees what is inside on the outside and based on that we live our lives, influencing others for better and for worse.

For this reason we must be striving to fill our interior, our mind and our heart with good and wonderful things, with goals to fulfill and dreams to make come true.

Whoever believes in a God or a higher power may be able to see the deity in the middle of an eclipse, in the rain, in a rainbow or in the smile of a child and without this happening to adults, it will only be a brief incentive to smile. and keep having faith.

And you, what do you see when you turn to the sky?

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