If You’ve Gained Weight Since You Fell In Love, We Have Good News For You!

A new study reveals the best NEWS in the world … if you got fat with love, this is what is happening to you.

When a newly married couple meets with friends or family, it is very common to hear that they are told that they are already very “replaced” or that they are already pregnant “because as popular wisdom says, when you get married, you get fat.

The Brazilian page Vix publishes the study carried out by the scientists of the National Center for Biotechnology of the United States, which confirms what has been said that marriage makes us fat and gives us the reasons after studying 169 couples for 4 years.

This study contemplated the application of questionnaires where the couple gave information to find out their levels of satisfaction in marriage.

Their results coincide in the same way because of what was published in Crhoy, which also released a study by the Southeast Methodist University of Dallas that together with PubMed coincide in the following realities:

More satisfied, more chubby and more faithful

Married men who reported higher levels of satisfaction gained more weight on average than those who were disappointed in their wife or relationship, and in the 4 years that the study lasted they were the ones who committed the least infidelity.

Interesting fact, right?

Priorities change

The weight gain comes when the spouses put aside their own interests such as paying for the gym to use that money now to save it and pay for the birth of their baby. Before during the courtship the couple went out to eat or to the movies, now their interests are to dress a house, pay for a house and things begin to change.

Made the conquest begins the personal carelessness

This is one of the changes that are not exactly favorable because it becomes a reason for resentment and disappointment on the part of women because once the man “already has it safe” he stops taking care of his personal presentation, his cleanliness, they become lazy And the worst of the case is that they put aside the details and seek the satisfaction of the couple. Getting fat because it is no longer important to look good is a serious mistake.

Who is bad in the relationship, loses weight

There is also the opposite case: those who are doing badly in the new relationship, not only are they not seen as usual but they even lose weight and their faces can become haggard.

Working on the relationship can bring joy and life back to a person.

Having a healthy weight is also a matter of love

Just as you gain weight in the first years of marriage, it is also important to begin to monitor your weight and identify what it is that needs to be changed for mere health reasons. Recognizing bad eating habits, having stopped exercising, junk food or even other types of reasons, must be identified and treated so that the spouses and family can have the health and life to enjoy their love.

To enjoy marriage without neglecting your health!

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