If Your Partner Is In Crisis, You Can Help Him

Nobody thinks about crises. He does not even imagine them. They are things that happen to others. Our match is so perfect that it doesn’t even occur to us to think about it. If crises bring a bitter taste, learn to find their sweet side to them.

Crises are part of a person’s growth and maturity. They disrupt the established order, but they are not always negative. Why do they occur? They are part of life and force us to rethink everything. But if we know how to face them with love, courage and wisdom, they help us grow and establish new ties.

Are we free from crises?

To be honest, no. Everything is in motion. Everything changes and is renewed. And to think that crises cannot occur in our lives is very illusory. It is best to think that we have the strength and love to overcome them and to face them when they arise.

When do crises occur?

When our partner suffers situations that force him to rethink things, when he is forced to make decisions that involve the whole environment, when the established order needs new decisions.

I am not in crisis

Due to different circumstances it may happen that our partner is in crisis and that we are not. For example, if he loses his job but you have a well-paid and stable one. For this reason, it is sometimes difficult to understand who is in crisis; It is difficult to connect with his feelings, but we know that we must do the best to accompany him in this journey. Deep down we would like to know that everything is perfect, but the truth is that our partner needs our support to get out of this bad moment. This requires our unconditional love and understanding, and we must make an extra effort for our partner and for the good of the relationship.

A bitter taste

If we are willing to support and listen, it can happen that crises sometimes leave us with a bitter taste. This has to do with our fantasy that the other comes to complete us, and that we can be happy if it is missing. It must be understood, however, that our partner can present crises that have nothing to do with us, but are part of their growth.

There are many and diverse situations that can cause crises in couples. But the important thing is not knowing why or when they occur. The vital thing, on the contrary, is to know that they can be overcome with love and understanding, and that communication in this process is key. Do not stay with the bitter taste of misunderstanding. Read this article where you can learn how to accompany your partner and help him grow. Understand and help them understand that they are together through thick and thin.

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