If Your Partner Has These 6 Characteristics, Please Do Not Marry (experts Warn You Before You Make A Big Mistake With Your Life)

Take 5 minutes NOW to discuss the following points, then it may be too late.

Engaging in a love relationship has never been an easy matter to carry, but the scenario becomes even more complex if we think about marrying someone, because as the wedding vows promise, it is living with someone for life.

For this reason, if you are thinking of getting married, please try to make sure that person does not have any of these characteristics, because even though you think you can change them over time, I can assure you that it is not. People cannot be changed by anyone other than by themselves and the idea of ​​being with someone the rest of your days cannot be based on repairing other people’s defects, but on accepting and loving unconditionally.

  • Has a bad relationship with his family

While it is true that all families have frictions, arguments and differences of opinion, no one should be with someone who does not maintain a relationship with their family, because they will not know how to deal with their own in the future. And NO ONE deserves you to stay away from those you love just to avoid absurd discussions.

  • You are not their first choice

If friends or other activities are the center of his life and you have managed to perceive that you are always his second option on the list, then it is time to take things and go looking for a new life. I assure you that these types of situations do NOT change just because you have a family notebook.

  • It’s violent

If you have trouble controlling your impulses, it’s time to stop and take a good look at the situation. The fine line between an outburst and domestic violence is almost imperceptible. So if struggling with simple everyday situations is difficult for you, imagine what the day will be like when you face the first marriage crisis.

  • Seems not to hear you

If every time you need to tell him about a problem, he just listens and doesn’t give you his support or some good advice, it’s time to stop. Well, communication in marriage is essential to be able to move forward and if now that you are dating you cannot deal with this type of situation, in marriage you will not be able to either.

  • They are very opposite

Arjona surely will not agree with me in this statement, but you must bear in mind that far from being a blessing, it is torture to always have to be looking for a middle ground so that both can enjoy being together.

So even though today you think that being different opens a world for them, I can assure you that in a couple of years, this will be as exhausting as running a marathon every day.

  • He likes to dominate everything

Violence is not always accompanied by blows, you should also know that they can exert violence on you when they want to dominate every aspect of your life. For example: friends, clothing, money, places to visit, activities, among other aspects.

Please, if you notice that the person you love today has any of these characteristics, stop to think and project your relationship for a few more years. Well, after saying yes, I accept, going back can be very hard and traumatic for both of us.

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