If Your Pace Of Life Is Taking You Away From Your Family, You Have To Read These Words

To be part of a family you need more than a marriage notebook that links names and surnames. Stopping is one step. Slow down your life and brake in hand get your family in the car.

I have no doubt that far from the Garden of Eden what Adam and Eve must have missed the most must have been being naked without being ashamed.

It is in the intimacy of your home where one can resume this unique pleasure. You don’t need to be ashamed of crying at the scenes of a moving movie, you don’t have to explain yourself for wearing those frayed slippers, and you know, with absolute certainty, that your kids love you despite those rolls in your abdomen.

That ability to undress and be who you are is only achieved in that sacred place that you call home. There are no external demands that lead you to take care of mayonnaise stains at the corner of the lips or have socks without holes.

Home is truly a branch of paradise (or it should be), a place where you feel at ease, held, confident, and secure. And it is that to be part of a family you need something more than a marriage notebook that links names and surnames.

Jewels you must have in your jewelry box: time and presence

Where are you going to take time to be present and recognize yourself in need, if vertigo took you by the waist? Let’s face it, psychologists have jobs because of the high demand for people who pay to be heard. The accelerated pace, being frantically busy making money, social obligations and everything else they now call plus , they’re stealing time to listen when your children talk and do something with stuffing cushions scattered in the garage.

The offers are coming and you don’t plan to miss them, thank God now the shopping centers are open at dawn, promising those bargains that you long for; It is a pity that no commercial premises make VAT discounts for going to bed early to tell stories to children, or giving a bath to the dog that recognizes you only by the photograph in the refrigerator.

The virtual and media world sings to you with the voice of a siren towards seas that take you away from the coast of your dining room and you hear in passing that your daughter tells a colleague that someone in the neighborhood has died. “Thank goodness no one makes bereavement visits to comfort the bereaved anymore,” you say to yourself as you see if someone has “liked” one of your bleak comments about the death of your favorite actor.

Stay away from the stampede

The more you intend to save time, you discover that the sense is absent. Meaningful things take time. Have you noticed that your child has learned the multiplication table of seven? Did you notice the new buds of the roses in the garden? Choosing your pace of life does not stop natural processes, but it can contribute to the ills of the house. It is so easy to live with a blindfold. Maybe your daughter’s stubborn addiction started when you put the overtime hours that would pay for her fifteenth birthday on your agenda. The noblest causes can take you away from what’s important.

Sweep up the crumbs

I know you can’t accept that this crazy rhythm of life is preventing you from seeing that happiness has nothing to do with crumbs. Happiness is in the freshly baked bread and butter ready on the table, while you talk about lost oxen with your children. Furniture, cars, and blankets may last much longer than you think, but you’ve been tempted by the advertising need to change them. That has led to you spending less time at home and seeing the fabric of family life unravel.

Family life unfolds in terms of moments and not timed instants. I know that the tension of your obligations has you accelerated, but remember that they came with you the day you convinced yourself that you were doing it for the good of your family. Reduce the speed of your haste, give your family the time and your presence, you will see that the peaceful life is also life.

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