If Your Husband Does These 8 Things, It’s Because Now (actually) He Loves You More Than Ever

There are things that happen in a relationship that cause it to mature and become stronger, or to end. If your man does this for you, congratulations, he has never loved you more than now.

Romantic relationships are like any other experience in life, and while many believe that the best part is at the beginning, they couldn’t be further from the point.

To make it simpler, we will analyze an experience that is probably part of everyone’s life: A new job or a new university.

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At first we are super happy, anxious and intrigued by this new job. We don’t know what our colleagues will be like, what working there will really be like, but we have already mentally spent what they will pay us at the end of the month. It is a beautiful stage, full of adrenaline and surprises that await us on the way.

This is the courtship.

Then comes the real part, we realize that it is not a game, that to stay in that place we are going to have to literally work, and that is when the adrenaline and excitement begin to withdraw.

This is the time after what we call the ‘honeymoon’.

Over time we realize that going to work does not cause us anxiety, because we have already learned so well what we have to do, that it comes out on our own. We are no longer concerned if we are going to receive the salary next month, because we are good employees and we know that we will get paid. Our work has become our second home, we are comfortable and we are happy.

This is how marriage is when love solidifies.

Although there is no longer so much adrenaline, or shocks, but there are always possibilities of promotion, recognition, the possibility of helping someone new to progress.

This is the greatest love in the world.

If your man has done these things for you, congratulations, he has never loved you as much as today:

1. He tells you that you look cute when you have been wearing the same pajamas for three days

Yes, for him, your beauty no longer lies in the red heels that you wore on love dates; your beauty is no longer in the new haircut, your beauty has transcended what the eyes see, to become what your heart makes you feel.

2. Nothing is better than doing nothing

He doesn’t need to entertain you to stay with him, and you don’t need to either. Nothingness together has a special flavor, those afternoons in which they did not ‘do anything’ are as tasty as those super planned dates that couples who are just meeting have to go through (because they still do not love each other and have to work to make it).

3. It drives him crazy that you know him so much

“You bought me a new toothbrush”, “I was just going to say I needed one”, “You are the best woman in the world.” Nothing drives him crazier than realizing that there is someone (who is not his mother) in the world, who knows him as much or more than he knows himself, and that makes him fall in love with you more and more.

4. When you cry his soul breaks

At the beginning of relationships during fights, most women cry, and when there is no love, our crying causes rejection from men, they don’t have the patience to deal with it. But when there is love, each of your tears, it hurts her heart.

5. He does not control you, because he knows that you belong to him

Jealousy and insecurities are out of fashion, and it is not because he thinks that you are no longer attractive and that no one is going to look at you, on the contrary, he sees you as the woman of his life, but he knows what they have you two, he is indestructible and that you are as his as he is yours.

6. Defend you against windmills

Sometimes you do not know whether or not to tell him when you have a problem at work or with someone, because you know that he will run away to take care of you, and sometimes it is not necessary (but since you like to know that he is your super hero).

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7. When they fight, he asks for your forgiveness

Although it used to cost you horrors for him to admit when he was wrong, now it is not difficult for him to do so and ask your forgiveness.

8. Sometimes he just grabs your face and looks you in the eye, but doesn’t kiss you

You wonder what’s wrong with her, and the answer is simple, she still finds it hard to believe that that woman she met a while ago has been able to steal every bit of her heart and she still admires herself.

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