If Your Family Lacks Communication, Objectives And Commitment, You Need This Ingredient

This ingredient is so flexible that there are even families who have it without realizing it. Does it exist in your family?

If you have reached a point in your family life where you don’t know exactly where you are going, or you don’t know how to solve problems or resolve attitudes, or what decisions to make, maybe it is a very good time to start having advice on a regular basis. family. The family council is basically a meeting that a family holds at the beginning of the week to plan activities, check the family’s progress, find and decide solutions to face problems, evaluate goals, and establish responsibilities for family members. Each family can be free to implement their creativity or adjust the family council according to their needs. Here are the main steps for effective family counseling:

  1. Extend a cordial welcome. The father generally welcomes the family to the family council and briefly expresses her appreciation and the importance to the whole family of having them together. In homes where only the mother is present, then she is responsible for guiding the family council meeting. Generally this opening moment lasts between three and five minutes.
  2. Provide a learning moment. Family members take turns each week to teach a moral, spiritual, or intellectual principle to the rest of the parents and siblings. For example, this principle can be any topic that helps the family in something: honesty, the value of work, the importance of being a good student, service in the community, etc. This step generally takes about five minutes.
  3. Talk about family matters. Parents must show mutual support in dealing with matters that have to do with any nature concerning the family to improve emotional, behavioral, and character aspects. Each person takes turns expressing how they feel about their role within the family. The circle also shows the positive parts and the appreciation that each person feels for the other members of the family. Some families have a small device (made of wood or any other material) that each person holds while talking so that the others can hear.
  4. Carry out weekly planning. This section plans the activities of the week, concerts, school, extracurricular, religious activities, workshops, meetings, etc.
  5. Make time for a family game. The family plays their favorite game (if time is available) or do an activity together.
  6. Share the snack. The family council ends with a short snack that can be blessed by a family member. Generally it can be cookies, or a scoop of ice cream, a cake or sandwiches, according to what the family has planned to have.

However you start family council, you will begin to notice positive changes in your family because it makes the genuine concern that each family member has for each other to manifest in a natural and more frequent way. In addition, it provides an opportunity for parents to get closer to their children and for children to reach out to their parents in a climate of appreciation, respect, love and responsibility. Family council provides many opportunities for children to learn to listen to other people and at the same time express their differences respectfully in order to find the best possible solution to their problems.

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