If Your Child Struggles To Sleep, This Article Is For You.

Is it difficult for your children to go to sleep? Maybe it is time to read this article and find out about the many benefits of establishing a routine before bed. Sleep is placid if a routine is followed

Until five years ago, my life was completely different from the one I lead today: I did not know about diapers, or pacifiers, vaccines, pediatric controls and much less about the multiple benefits of having established routines before them. children go to sleep.

So as a new and insecure mother, each person who visited me gave me different advice to start raising a happy and obedient little one, so I decided to go to the pediatrician’s office, and from that pleasant talk I highlight the following:

The routine before bed has given us both security

In one way or another, we both managed to get to the end of the day without being overly demanding, because we know that after dinner and a comforting bath we have time to read or make up a story that warns that the busy day is over. This has also brought me benefits to be able to work calmly at home, because I know that after nine at night I should not worry about toys thrown on the floor, dangers of accidents or tantrums due to excessive exhaustion.

Has set limits

Without realizing it, the day of Santiago has been adjusting to the needs of his age, without leaving time for boredom or leisure to take hold of him, since all the activities he does have a time limit that at his five years he knows how to respect very good. For example, you know that after studying you have time to take out your favorite toys or that after playing you must put them in order so that you can have dinner and take a warm bath.

It allows you to be active, but without getting tired of more

Like almost all children his age, Santiago is VERY active. He loves to run, ride a bicycle, is passionate about sports, art, going out to play with friends, and so on; But to maintain this rhythm of life, he needs to rest for several hours, which is why he takes a two-hour nap and sleeps another eight at night.

Today I am still a new mother somewhat scared by each stage, I have no doubt about that, although I also have the certainty that one of the best investments of time I have made has been to create a healthy routine for bedtime, which is not It has only beneficially resulted in Santiago being a safe child of what happens in his environment, but it has given us the opportunity to learn together from each stage, respecting the times of each one.

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