If You Want Your Child To Be Respectful, Start Being Respectful To Those Around You

Respect is not only a fundamental value for having good relationships, but it also creates strong bonds with parents.

Many people believe that the right place for their children to learn moral values ​​is at school, as it is an institution dedicated to teaching in all aspects. However, this idea is totally wrong, since values ​​must be taught within the family, to reinforce this learning at school and in everyday life.

From my experience as a teacher, I know that there are situations in which parents dedicate all their efforts to teach their children about values; But unfortunately, this learning is being shaped little by little by the influence of people who have direct contact with their children or by exposure to the inappropriate media for their age.

This gives a broader expectation as to why values ​​are easily lost, leaving a reflection on the burden of guilt, since inappropriate behaviors by children are not always a parent error.

That said, you can understand that moral values ​​should be taught at home and for this knowledge to gain strength and be well-founded and rooted knowledge, as parents we must be very attentive to what the children do, with whom they relate and the way in how they control their emotions in different situations.

Parents respected by their children

“I hate you, you are the worst father in the world! I wish I had better not have parents! They are disastrous!” A long list of insults is common to observe in some children or adolescents, losing respect for their parents in a simple way and without measuring the consequences of their actions, since they know that even if they have some hurtful and malicious behavior towards their parents, they always they will receive a pardon and there will be no retaliation.

Respect must be a value founded in the family, so that it can be practiced at school and in other areas of daily life. Therefore, it is that for no reason we should allow children to act in a hurtful way towards us, since that will give a lot to think about how we are raising them.

For this reason, here are some essential tips to teach your children about respect, starting with ourselves, the parents:

1 Being an example to follow

Surely you have heard that children are like sponges since all knowledge is easily absorbed in a natural and innate way. For this reason we must teach them about respect in a simple way, this is having a good family life. If you start by respecting your own parents and your spouse, it is easier than your children try to imitate you.

At this point it is essential to teach children to differentiate and control their emotions, since it is normal that when we are angry we express ourselves in a hurtful way and therefore we disrespect the people around us.

2 Setting limits

If you do not teach them that every action is good or bad carries consequences, it will be more difficult for you to promote the value of respect in your children. It begins with the simplest and most complex things, from the habits we teach our children, such as cleaning their room, to the time when they must go to sleep. In all daily life there must be limits and rules that must be followed in order to have an excellent family life and good social relations.

Then learn to set limits when you think your children are out of control, for example: “At home, rudeness is prohibited”, “Recognizing mistakes and faults is a way of respect”, “Rewards are earned with effort they don’t come easily ” , among other ideas.

3 Listening ears

Many times it happens that children begin to disrespect their parents, due to the false belief that they do not understand them, arguing that they do not have communication and that they do not know them well enough; I mean your tastes, needs, thoughts, doubts, and so on.

For this reason, it is important to always have your ears very attentive when children speak, trying to understand and listen assertively, so you can know what their thoughts and concerns are in order to empathize with them and achieve agreements.

By this I do not mean that you do what your children want, but that you offer them different alternatives to solve a problem or act, without the need for them to think or believe that you do not listen or understand them. In this way you will get them to respect you.

4 An authority that guides and supports

It is easy for parents to give their children everything they want when they ask for it; even that we let them act as they think is the right thing to do. However, by doing so you will lose authority and it will be easier for them to disrespect you, because your opinion will not count or will not be valid for your children.

An example is a classroom where the authority has the teacher, he indicates what his students must do to achieve their purpose to teach a subject; Like you, you should be the authority at home, where you guide and support your children to achieve their goals. Remember: nothing will be done without your prior knowledge and permission.

Respect is a fundamental value that children must learn; remember that this knowledge will have value when they begin by respecting their parents, and then then respecting everyone around them.

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