If You Thought That Makeup Was Just A Woman’s Matter, This Story Will Make You Change Your Mind

This story speaks of a pure, sincere and altruistic love. A love worth imitating.

What things would you do for love? Maybe you have made thousands. Or maybe a hundred more things happen to you. But what this man did for his wife exceeds all our expectations. This story speaks of a pure, sincere and altruistic love. A love worth imitating.

Des is 84 years old, and he keeps complimenting his 83-year-old wife Mona. They have been together for the last 57 years and love remains intact. He tells her that she is perfect, that she has nothing to hide, and that even Michelangelo would be jealous of the perfection of her skin. But Mona is flirtatious and she wants to keep beautifying her skin with makeup. There is only one problem: she is going blind.

Her husband, faced with the imminent loss of sight that affects Mona, decided that he could show all his support for her, taking charge of the situation. The man thought that the best way to help her was by taking a makeup course, to help her when she can no longer do makeup herself. His story quickly went viral and now a makeup brand advises him to record his own tutorials to help others with beauty tips.

“Des uses eyeliners and pencils that I couldn’t use,” says Mona. The man is now a professional makeup, and knows how to apply shadows, foundations and lipsticks to perfection. When he first started the course, he had no idea which brushes to use for each part of the face, but now he is an expert. Mona says she’s “in heaven” when Des makes up her face.

This story, in addition to reflecting a deep, sincere and altruistic love, shows that it is never too late to learn something – and make successful progress in it – if you have the drive and the will to do it.

What are we capable of doing for love?

Love is expressed in words and is demonstrated in deeds. And what this husband did makes it clear that true love is dedicated and altruistic. It is these noble gestures that embellish and enhance a relationship: looking at the other, dedication, empathy, sincere support and the desire to see the person one loves happy.

Moreover, when a couple reaches old age, and when it is not too easy to maintain the passion and outbursts of love of the first years, the small gestures are what will make the relationship never lose its shine. This story shows us that love does not only belong to the young, and that there is no age when one truly loves.

If this story has motivated you to show all the love you feel for your partner, in fact, you can think about what things you would do for love. It is about doing small acts that make the other happy, satisfying their desires, and surprising them. Love in the couple is surrender, it is dedicating a little piece of our life to the other, a few minutes so that they are happy.

Last week my husband had lunch with friends, and he would leave home around 11 in the morning as he had to go out of town. I could stop by the bakery to buy a delicious cake to share after lunch, or I could get up at 8 (on a Saturday) to prepare my specialty, a lemon cake. I struggled with my conscience, as the bed tempted me to continue in the warm sleep, but no. I got up, and by 10 in the morning my lemon cake was ready. That had been my small gesture of love towards him, because I know how much he appreciates bringing a homemade delicacy to a gathering of friends. And I too was happy to please him, because the real gift is not the package, but the hands of the one who delivers it.

These are the everyday things you can do for love:

  • Be detailed: Observe carefully the tastes of your partner. Leave a chocolate on her nightstand, buy those breakfast cookies that she loves so much, or help her with something you know she does not like to do too much.
  • Love your family: Strive to establish a true brotherly relationship with your partner’s relatives. Put aside grudges and make way for affection. And if the relationship with any of them is very strained, simply do not give rise to new lawsuits and always respond with courtesy.
  • Be their medicine: Couples accompany each other through thick and thin. If he is having a bad time, join him and let him know that you are there to help him. If he’s sick and you had a commitment, maybe you can put it off to stay and take care of him. It’s a nice gesture of love.
  • Do something you never thought to do: He insists you go camping, or go skating, or go to eat at a restaurant that you don’t like. You can surprise him and do something of it, as a sign that you make an effort to see him happy. Nobody says you are going to do something that you really don’t like, but certain things you can make the effort and do, just to see that cute smile on his face.
  • Strengthen the relationship: The best thing you can both do out of love is to open your hearts and be willing to forgive, listen to, and understand each other’s needs. It is a daily task that requires patience and pure and loyal love.

True love is dedicated, lasting, natural, and free. Aim to continue strengthening the beautiful relationship you have so that it lasts over time and becomes consolidated, based on the bases of mutual respect. There is nothing that two hearts in love cannot achieve in this life. To continue trusting in love forever!

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