If You See These 5 Behaviors In A Man, Run Away!

There are men who at first glance deceive behind an attractive face and body, but not all that glitters is gold. Know the type of man to avoid at all costs.

They say that love is blind. This saying has some truth, since many times what we believe is love does not let us see some things, such as behaviors and truths that exist, but that falling in love often hides.

It is the story of many women who for years have been blinded by love, being with this type of men that I want to talk to you about, who in many cases have not only one, but exactly the five behaviors, which can literally destroy your life stealthily . That is why I want to invite you to open your eyes and discover if perhaps you have one of them by your side.

Find out what are the five behaviors that certain men adopt who only seek to get their way.

1. The Selfish:

He is the one who thinks of him first, his needs and priorities, always leaving yours for later. He almost never has time for your things, but alas, you don’t have time for his!

2. The Liar:

There are two types of liars. Obviously the one who lies for some reason and always makes up a story to achieve his purposes. And the one who promises and promises but never fulfills. Unfulfilled promises eventually end up being lies too.

3. The Vividor:

This always shows problems not to help financially, but in addition to that it also takes advantage of your finances. Maybe it doesn’t take money, but it doesn’t give you either. One way to be a profiteer is when you always pay for everything, from which he also benefits.

4. The Controller:

He is the one who directs your life at will. Control each one of your steps and movements, decisions and even your expenses.

5. The Manipulator:

He is the one who almost always plays the role of victim, of suffered, with the aim of justifying any fault.

None of these behaviors, however minimal they may be, are normal. And in the long run they almost always bring negative consequences, physical and emotional wear. Keep in mind that someone who acts like this does not really love. He simply takes advantage of your feelings, because he is sure of what you feel and would do for him. Be careful! Don’t be fooled, that’s not love.

Do yourself a favor for your own sake, take off the blindfold, don’t allow yourself to be with such a person. You do not deserve it!

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