If You Meet These 12 Expectations Then You Are Dating The Right Man

If these signs are present, you have found the man of your life.

Finding the right person to whom you can give your love can be one of the most difficult things out there. It is not that there is not someone worthy in the world of our affection, only that sometimes we fall in love with the least indicated and we are disappointed in love. At other times what happens is that our expectations are very high and we are never met.

Still, there are very lucky people who find someone to love and are reciprocated. Their search does not last long because every important aspect for them is covered by that man at their side.

I dare to suppose that you want to know what are those aspects that make you know that your boyfriend is the ideal man to marry; well, here you have them:

1. Their principles and values ​​are similar to yours

Something supremely important is that their values ​​and principles are not diametrically opposed. It is not about religious or spiritual beliefs, although this is important; it is more about both of you knowing that you are going in the same direction. For example, if they do have children, their upbringing will be based on their similar principles and values.

2. He is romantic, thoughtful and appreciative

A marriage without romance simply has no future. Love must be watered like a beautiful plant so that it gives flowers and more beautiful plants grow.

Being a retailer has nothing to do with expensive gifts or remembering every important date they have. It is more like him realizing that you have changed your haircut, or that you have made the cake or the food that he likes the most and thanking you, that he notices that you take great care to take care of him and that he corresponds in the same way.

3. That knows how to be funny and knows how to have fun

Knowing how to be funny gives you extra points because nothing is more boring than someone who just stretches his face and finds nothing funny.

Not that she turns into a clown to make you laugh, but imagine being married for years to a grumpy one who finds everything ridiculous.

It is about knowing how to enjoy the little moments of relaxation that they may have; let him go to an iron city, an amusement park or enjoy a simple movie at home with you.

4. Comforts and understands you without judging you

That he knows how to give you comfort when you are going through difficult times makes him show you that he is a sensitive man. It is not that you want him to cry every time they have problems, but you do want him to understand you when you have difficulties.

5. He has introduced you to his family

When the boy you love takes this step, what he wants is to have a confirmation of the concept he has of you.

Further; With this, what he wants is that his mother and father and even his brothers give him an accurate opinion of you. Be sure that he is going to ask them the concept or image that they come to make of you, and this will have a lot of weight when proposing marriage.

6. Your closest friends know you

With them he looks for the same as what he has presented to his family. Some men consider their close group of close friends part of their family; therefore, they want to know what concept they may have of you.

7. You know things about him that not even his mother knows.

That shows that he trusts you. Yes sir, there are things about men that only his girlfriends know, and although he knows that that information leaves him vulnerable to you, he does not care because he knows that you will not do anything that could hurt him. Why wouldn’t it be worth marrying a man who loves you that way?

8. respects you

This more than essential, is basic for a relationship. Where there is no respect, there is no love, and you can expect nothing good from someone who makes fun of you, who mistreats you.

You know that he respects you because although they have fought, he has never treated you badly and has found a way to solve things.

You know that he respects you because he has not forced you to do something that you do not want, because he knows your limits and has not transgressed them.

9. He leans on you

You are the first person they turn to when they have difficulties, sadness or are looking for a solution to a problem. This is one more confirmation that he trusts you and your ability to be his support, strength and light on the path.

10. Gives you your space

She considers you an independent woman and knows that both of you need their space to do their own things, hang out with friends, study and work, and is happy with every goal and success you achieve.

11. They have long-term plans

They wouldn’t have them if they don’t think of you as someone who will be in their future. So if he does, it is very likely that he has already dimensioned you as his life partner.

12. You can see yourself having a long and happy life by his side

When you close your eyes have you been able to see yourself reaching old age at his side? Trust me, that only happens when you know that you are in a relationship with the right man.

There may be many other things that tell you that this is the man you should marry, these are only intended to give you an orientation or idea so that you can decide to choose him when the great proposal arrives; I am sure that you will be very happy with him.


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