If You Love Your Partner And Appreciate Your Relationship, Keep These 8 Secrets For Yourself.

Marriage is as beautiful as it is complicated. Therefore, if you want to preserve the harmony of yours, it is best not to tell these 8 secrets to your partner.

There is a strong belief that when choosing someone as your stable partner, there should be no boundaries between what is shared, this includes time, activities, friendships and secrets. Regarding the last ones (the secrets) it is better to be very careful, since there are certain issues that you must treat with prudence so that there is peace and harmony in your relationship.

Let’s be clear, it is not that honesty loses its validity in the relationship, one thing is to be honest and quite another is to be reckless and go telling everything without any filter. There are things that you can talk about and others that, out of sheer precaution, the best thing to do is omit them for when the time is right.

For the above and if you need a little light about what you should not tell your partner without using your prudence, here is a little help.

1. Admit that you watch him when you’re just curious

Ok, if you do not distrust your partner, it is just mere curiosity. Both men and women are curious to know who their partner is talking to or writing to on the phone or by mail, and there is nothing wrong with wanting to know.

The problem arises when you have snooped his phone or email and admitting it is terrible, because not only will you look like a nosy but also as insecure and not because you have something to hide, only that he has the right like you to have privacy; It is your partner, not your property, trust him and more if he has not given you reasons.

It is best to ask for the phone number if you are intrigued or ask what causes you curiosity or concern instead of looking bad when in fact it was not your intention.

2.Messages from your ex

It is not common to maintain a friendly relationship with a former partner, but when it happens and it is healthy and things are clear, there should be no problems. Despite that, not all couples think the same. Therefore, if you do not want jealousy to make a dent in your relationship, it is best that you raise the subject with your partner and make sure with what she feels comfortable and if your conversations with your ex is something that bothers her, and you

3.Your history with infidelity

No one is a saint and many make mistakes along the way. That you have been unfaithful in the past does not mean that you are or that you pretend to be in your current relationship, so think about it very well before admitting it to your partner, because that kind of information can be very harmful for the relationship because you will not know how to act . Only if you feel that saying that is fair and that it will strengthen your relationship, then wisely and at the right time say so.

4.Fantasy with another person

Is there a need to acknowledge to your partner how much you are attracted to Sofía Vergara or how much you love Tom Ellis? There is no person in the world who does not have a platonic love or fantasize about the impossible, that is not bad, since fantasy is that: fantasy.

The problem arises when your fantasy has to do with someone you both know and there you should talk about it.

5.Your dislike for someone in their family

Blessed be the wife or husband who has an excellent relationship with their partner’s family. But when this is not the case, the best thing is to go with leaden feet since no one wants their partner to speak ill of their mother or father, or one of their brothers and others.

If you don’t have a real reason to complain about, you’d better not say anything, be sensible and prudent and run the “party in peace.”

6.Your dislike for X physical trait

Don’t you like her legs or her eyebrows? Well, nobody is perfect, so it is better to remain silent and even more so when it is a trait that cannot be changed, it is likely that your partner does not like something about you so much but surely he will know how to be prudent so as not to hurt you.

Confess things your ex did but your current partner doesn’t

It is very tempting to make those kinds of comparisons when you are in full discussion or very angry. The situation is simple, for something YOU ARE NO LONGER WITH YOUR EX and YES WITH YOUR CURRENT PARTNER. Comparing has never been a good tactic to win an argument and makes things worse.

8. »Such a thing» you don’t like as before

Speaking of intimacy, it is not a good idea to admit that you are somewhat stuck in monotony. It is up to both of you to renew intimate encounters, try new things, and try to please both of you.

These 8 “easy” secrets to admit yourself can put the bravest of mortals in trouble. Think twice before recognizing them and try to be prudent and not hurt your spouse unnecessarily.


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