“if You Don’t Post It On Facebook, Didn’t It Happen?” Woman Stays Inside Her Burning House While Recording It With Her Phone

And then we say that it is not an addiction…. The images are terrifying

The story reported by the Daily Mail relates how a woman stayed inside her house while the fire would have started outside the house. When the woman realizes that her house is going up in flames, the first thing she does is start taking a video on her phone instead of running away or calling 911.

As can be seen in the video, the woman screams for help, but does not make the same effort to get out.

As long as he keeps saying o my God, he keeps filming and does not ask the firefighters for help. Until a neighbor yells at her to get out and she responds: «Who me? I have to take my cat out too.

The neighbor tells him to take the cat out and they both go outside the house completely covered in flames.

Although what caused the fire is unknown until now, the woman’s actions are incredible. She may have been in shock, but then she uploaded the images to Facebook.

The addiction to being the ones who will record the most viral video in the world

Every time I find amazing videos on the internet, I wonder how they managed to film that right at that moment.

Well, it turns out that it is a new addiction in which we all participate to a greater or lesser extent. We are with the phone glued to our hand and we want to capture everything.

I’ve seen videos that go viral or aren’t even that good or that impressive, but risking your own life for a minute of fame is like things are getting out of hand.

If we are in a fire, a car accident, or hanging from the top of a mountain, let’s use the neurons we have to try to find a way to get out and save our lives, not to have the most viral selfie or video.

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