If You Can’t Figure Out How To Rekindle Love In Your Marriage, Then Read This Article.

If you are married and aspire to love your partner for life, read these tips that will help you have a happy marriage.

Over the years I have seen marriages that have become happy and others that, although they went up to the altar with great enthusiasm and high expectations (if not, they would not have married), have not managed to overcome the problems of daily life. Reasons? Varied: from infidelity to financial difficulties and, in the midst of these two, many others who, although small, were gradually filling the “cup of patience.” We must bear in mind that a marriage does not “end” for a single reason, it is a cluster of situations that lead to deterioration and loss of love; this happens if you do not know how to overcome each problem.

The first thing you should know is that it is possible for a couple to stay in love ALL LIFE. True, the feelings and emotions that are experienced at the beginning of a relationship evolve over time, and this is not necessarily bad, because everything depends on how you assume it, but of course there are couples who manage to find the secret of staying in love, faithful and happy for life. Here are some reasons why love in marriage ends. And it is very important that you identify these causes, so that you can fight them.

Expect the relationship to always be rosy.

Idealizing marriage is dangerous. Of course, you must take care that there is always romance, but do not think that marriage will be living in Cinderella’s castle. It is vitally important that you understand this.


This is, literally, POISON FOR THE RELATIONSHIP. If you are not willing to change the ME for the WE let me tell you that your relationship is going to go downhill.

Economic problems.

It is true, in these difficult times I cannot give you a solution to live comfortably, but I can give you two tips: a) learn to live with austerity: do not get hooked by the consumerism of the society in which we live: never give up the luxury of incurring a debt to give yourself a luxury b) beware of never arguing over money. that are seldom surpassed in marriage, because the daily demands of the home, as well as the debts assumed to buy a house or appliances, are generating arguments, and that can lead to boredom and loss of love.


No, they are not a token of love. They are a pathology of love. If they are founded, seek to solve that situation. If they’re unfounded, look to end your free subscription with that portable hell of long-lasting batteries – it’s not worth it.

Third parties.

You must learn that no one marries a person. You also marry her parents, brothers, uncles, yes, and even her friends. It would be childish to pretend that they are not going to appear from time to time in your relationship — and in your home. It is much better that you get used to the idea that, yes, they are now part of your family, and it would be very good if you made an effort to accept and love them: they are a fundamental part of your husband’s life.

Lack of compromise.

As with the financial situation, I cannot give you a solution. Finding a committed, responsible partner, in our days, is a complicated situation. But I can tell you something: if from the courtship you see that responsibility is not your boyfriend’s strength, better run away from him as if he had the plague!

Once again: love is a fragile feeling that, if it is not cared for, protected and cultivated on a daily basis, it will be exhausted to death, either from boredom or lack. We must always keep in mind that we are willing to solve marital problems, strive to be humble, and acknowledge our mistakes in a timely manner. If grandparents’ marriages lasted 50 years and more, it was not because they did not have problems, this love was imperishable because they discovered what many current relationships do not know, and that is that love changes as the years go by, and if they are recognized These changes may be pleasantly loved until the end of time.

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