If You Are The Living Portrait Of Your Father, Science Has Good News For You

Looking like the parent brings some benefits; especially if it’s about dad.

Children often resemble us and thus give us the first satisfaction “, says Joan Manuel Serrat, in one of his most famous songs. A phrase full of meaning and reality, because isn’t it true that we love knowing that our son looks like us? If you look like your father, or one of your children is very similar to your partner, science has good news.

According to a study conducted by Binghantom University in New York, babies who look like their father from birth are more likely to spend time with their father and, in turn, be healthier when they meet their first year. “Parents are important in raising a child, and it shows in the child’s health,” said Solomon Polachek, Distinguished Professor of Economics at the University.

Healthier with dad

The study published in the Journal of Health Economics, focused on 715 families in which babies lived only with their mother. Data from the first two waves of the study indicated that babies who looked like their father at birth were healthier one year later, suggesting that father-child resemblance induces a father to spend more time on positive parenting, as these parents spent an average of 2.5 more days per month with their babies than parents who did not resemble their offspring.

This is not to say that a parent whose child is not similar to him will not love or care for him, but rather that statistics indicate that parents who find physical similarity in their children are more likely to spend more time and provide more care. Experts believe that this is so because parents who perceive the baby’s resemblance to them are more certain that the baby is theirs and thus spend more time with their child. Ultimately, it is created as a deeper empathy, and the father wants more to take care of his baby. It sounds cold, but it has to do with our genetics, and our survival as humans.

According to the researchers, the results have implications for the role of a father in improving children’s health. “We found that a child’s health indicators improve when the child resembles the father. The main explanation is that frequent visits by parents (when they are not living together) allow more time to provide care and supervision, and to gather information on children’s health and financial needs, ”said Polachek.

Parenting for two

The researchers said this study supports policies to encourage non-living parents to participate in positive and frequent parenting to improve early childhood health. It is known how important the role of a father is in raising a baby from the first weeks of life, so experts suggest that society takes this data as relevant.

“Greater efforts could be made to encourage these parents to frequently involve their children through parenting classes, health education, and job training to improve earnings,” Polachek said.

It is said that it takes “an entire village” to raise a child, but the specialists who conducted this study believe that simply a good help from the father is more than enough. The role of the father in raising children is fundamental. And although in the first weeks of life the man feels that he does not have much to do, since the woman is the one in charge of almost everything, the truth is that her role is as necessary as it is valuable. It will be the mother’s job to give that space necessary for the father to create a strong bond with his baby from an early age.

The benefits of being raised by dad

Both mom and dad give a different character to raising children. The complement of both is the perfect conjunction for the emotional development of the child. There will be children who do not have a father or do not have a mother, but there is always a grandfather or grandmother willing to fulfill part of that role.

The different roles of the mother and father generate different perspectives on the child’s world, and it is this that makes them grow and experience the world. Each parent brings different sensations and emotions to the child’s life, and this greatly enriches the baby’s neural development.

According to Planet Mom, and according to a study carried out by the University of Concordia, in Canada, parents who are actively involved in raising their children can help them to be more intelligent and have better behavior. Of course, children who are raised only by the mother do not necessarily do badly, but specialists indicate and reaffirm the importance of both roles in the child’s life.

Growing up with mom and dad present is the best gift for a child. When a child with both parents actively participating, providing equally and sharing roles, he will grow up with the conviction that parental work is done in pairs equally, and he will surely replicate this behavior in his adult life.

And do your children look like their father?

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