If Time Doesn’t Give You, These Tips Are For You

Although you are in continuous activity all day and you do not stop doing the different tasks, it seems that you are not making progress. Time is running out for 5 reasons. Find out what they are.

Although you are active all day and do not stop doing all kinds of tasks, it seems that you are not making progress, the accumulation of work and personal issues continue to increase and there are times when you do not know where to start or continue. 24 hours a day is insufficient for you and pressure and stress increase. All this can be modified if you know how to manage your time.

If you apply these five tips, time will reach you for all your activities:

1. Old fashioned: with agenda in hand

The combination of professional and home work makes your head in complete chaos. The infinity of activities that you have to develop on a daily basis, or in the short, medium and long terms justify that at some point you forget something. But to avoid that, it is advisable to return to the old habit of using an agenda, regardless of the reminders that you can record in an electronic device (cell phone, tablet, etc.) or messages that you post on the refrigerator (the refrigerator) or a wall. . Having a notebook can make your life easier: in it you can record all the pending items per day. By opening each page you will be able to see everything corresponding to the same day, with their respective times and places; You will be able to realize if you have saturated your day and if there is a possibility of accepting one more commitment. In addition to that you can staple, on each sheet, account statements, payment vouchers, prescriptions and other documents that at some point you may need to make a payment or clarification.

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2. Do not mix work with family life

The workday in the office is reduced to eight hours, the ideal time for physical and mental performance to be ideal. After that time your capacity diminishes, and no matter how hard you try, the wear and tear will be greater and productivity less, although many times people have no other choice. For this reason, it is also ideal that you organize your activities in the office, that you prioritize in the short, medium and long terms everything you have to do. Every day you can make your work plan, contemplating those unforeseen events that may arise, and thus your work will be up to date. And what you should never do is take work home, because family time must be respected.

3. Specific days for payments and purchases

Within your planning of activities, you will have to take into account the expiration dates and payment days of credit cards, services and other financial commitments that you have individually and as a family. You will avoid many headaches by allocating a day, a fortnight or a month, to make payments and make purchases.

4. Everyone cooperates at home, you ahead

Responsibility at home should be a joint task between all family members, who must schedule one day a week to do a full cleaning day, with pre-scheduled activities for each member, in which you include yourself of course . Remember that if you request the cooperation of each one, you must set the example; during the week it will be easier just to keep the house clean and tidy.

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5. Designate a daily time for yourself

After a busy day, it is necessary to allocate at least half an hour for an activity that allows you to relax and shake off stress. Make it a habit that, without fail, whatever happens, don’t go to bed without reading a bit or exercising, giving yourself a relaxing massage or enjoying a beauty session for your personal care.

Little by little you will see that by doing these simple activities you will be able to enjoy more free time and without worrying that you have many pending things. The maxim here is: your time is valuable and you should make the most of it.

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