If Prayer Moves Mountains, Imagine What It Will Do With Your Life

If you are looking for a way to get closer to God and you still don’t know how to do it, please read this article. If prayer moves mountains, imagine what it will do with your life.

I believe in God. This belief has helped me stand my ground in times when I didn’t think I could do it alone. It hurts me that there are people who deny His existence and worse, who do so convinced that He does not exist. If they knew they just need to kneel and pray; if they knew that nothing else required wanting to seek Him to find Him and the answers they want, the peace and comfort they have always longed for; thus, they would be in a position to discover the world as a better place.

My experience

Some time ago I went through a difficult situation with myself, something was inspiring feelings that tormented me. I had been trying for many days to change aspects that I disliked about myself, but I could not stay firm in my intention to be better; However, one day I reached my limit and all I felt was an immense anger, an intense desire to scream and destroy everything around me.

In my desperation I remembered that I could always find the peace I needed by looking in the right place for the help I so desperately needed, and that’s what I did. I don’t usually pray, I feel closer to God if I kneel down and talk to Him about what I have inside. You already know the good and bad of my life, even so I told you everything. As a result I cried while talking to Him as I had not done in a long time and I felt at peace, with an infinite tranquility that I had stopped feeling.

At that moment I recognized that with Him I can do everything and that without Him I am nothing. For this reason, in this article I want to share with you the way in which I connect day by day with our creator and strengthen our relationship:

As soon as you wake up say thank you

Being grateful makes you aware of what you have, what you need to live and what you do not have and should strive to achieve. In addition to that, it charges you with a positive energy that encourages you to keep going regardless of the problems you are going through.

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Kneel down and pray always, and every day

This action helps you to reveal each of your emotions, frees you from burdens and sufferings and helps you trust that the best moments will come when you accept that there are things that depend on you, but that the vast majority escape from your hands. Then you will free yourself from problems that are not even, you will learn to accept what you could not before and you will get rid of that unhealthy pride of believing that you are super powerful and the center of the earth.

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Bless the food

Some days are better than others and sometimes the table is well set and on others you only have a little bread and milk, but bear in mind that there are people in worse situations than yours; Therefore, bless them so that they are of benefit, so that they give you the strength you require for the daily struggle, so that you never need them and have the generosity to share what you have with those who have less. Abundance will not wait and the best thing, if someone in your family needs help and protection they will have them, I attest to that.

Do not deny

It is true that sometimes it is inevitable to see the glass half empty, but denying it will not make things change and the only thing that will change for the worse will be your temper and your relationships with your loved ones. Little by little, become aware of that attitude and change it. Perhaps a leisurely count to 10 can help, and if you can accompany it with deep breaths or a pleasant walk in the park, but it will undoubtedly be much more effective to serve someone in need. With this, you will discover that only grumbling could make you sick. I guarantee that everything around you will change for the better.

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If you are still looking for the peace you need then it is time to pray, like this and only in that way will you find the unexplored power of prayer.

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