Ideas-viruses And Mental Short Circuits. How To Protect The Minds Of Your Children

Even more dangerous than the viruses that affect your children’s bodies are the viruses that affect their minds and spirits. This is an article that every parent should read.

Let me start by explaining what a virus is. The word, in Latin, simply means “poison.” Today we understand by virus it is a being that is not alive, but eats and reproduces, and can only multiply within other organisms, so it tends to kill those who host it. Viruses are transmitted by different types of contact between one host and another. As you can see, the definition fits perfectly both in viruses that affect our family, as in viruses that infect our computers, or as virus-ideas.


Virus ideas are false ideas that are reproduced through comments from one person to another and that harm us. They almost always come wrapped in a false statement from a person we consider to be a moral authority. Let me give you an example. Someone tells you: “Scientists have said that if you drink a glass of cold water an hour before eating, you lose weight.” I don’t know if there really is a scientific study that supports that, but it sounds convincing, and you accept it.

Now let me insist: in order for it to lodge in one’s mind, one has to have confidence in the person who says it. When you are a toddler and an older child tells you that you have to cover your feet very well when sleeping or the hand that comes out from under the bed will catch you, if whoever says it has enough moral authority, when We grow that mental short circuit is generated: one is an adult and knows that there are no hands that come out from under the bed, but even if he knows it, he covers his feet well, so that nothing can catch us.

Mental short circuits are areas where we do not develop fully

In this, my homemade theory, mental short circuits are areas where there is moral ambiguity (you know not to skip a halt, but Dad always did, so I do, with a bittersweet feeling of guilt), or where the reason against superstition (no, of course going under a ladder does not bring bad luck, but whenever I can, I avoid it), or where it is not very clear where reason ends and prejudice begins (as with those highly prepared people who they are, however, racist, xenophobic, or homophobic). And yes: sadly, almost all virus ideas and mental short circuits have at least three points in common: 1. They are partly true and partly false, 2. They were infected by people in whom we believe. 3. They affect the way we function in the world.

How to vaccinate your children against virus ideas and mental short circuits

Another word for vaccinating is “inoculate.” The etymology of this word is beautiful: it means “to keep an eye inside.” A vaccine protects us from viruses because it detects them and sends the signal to the immune system so that it does not allow them to multiply. What viruses are our children facing today? I put a very few examples:

  • Having marital relationships is desirable. Having them before marriage is correct and normal.

  • Your parents are out of style. They don’t understand you. They can’t help you: your friends can.

  • Honesty was practiced by your great-grandparents. Today it is useless. There is nothing wrong with giving and receiving a copy in an exam.

  • That mistake you made is huge. It’s so big, it’s not worth trying again – you’ve failed for life.

You feel it? Virus ideas are almost always part truth and part lie, and that is why they are so easy to accept, exactly as it is with Pop Psychology. The best vaccine to protect your children from the ideas they are going to face on the street, at school, at their friends’ house, is simply to always teach them correct principles, always speak to them with The Truth (like this, with capital letters) . What are some of the most important vaccines that I think you should inoculate in your children?

God lives

He is your father. He loves you unconditionally and always wants you to come to Him.

Your parents will always love you

It may be that what you do hurts them, or that they do not support you in all things, but they will never stop loving you.

Doing good isn’t always going to make you do well

Many times you have to pay the price for doing the right thing, but I, like your dad, always hope that you do the right thing … no matter how much it costs you.

In a world that is so changing, so unstable, with increasing evil, your children need better, high-quality vaccines, designed specifically for them. Perhaps what my children need where they live will not serve your children in their circumstances, but of one thing I am sure: every loving mother develops a special radar to detect which viruses enter the house, and is always looking to avoid them, as well as Avoid setting a bad example, because that is what causes mental short circuits. As I heard a very wise man, L. Tom Perry, quoted not long ago:

“We cannot begin to measure or calculate the influence of women who, in their unique way, build a stable family life and nurture future generations for eternal good. The consequences of the decisions made by the women of this generation will be eternal. Let me propose that there is no more sublime opportunity or more important challenge for women today than to do everything possible to strengthen the home. “

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