Ideas To Celebrate Your Child On His Day

If you need ideas to make this Children’s Day the most special of all, here are activities that will amuse your child throughout the day.

There is no doubt that childhood is one of the most beautiful stages of life, the ones that are most fondly remembered in adult life. To give an example, it is enough to point out that at that time Children’s Day takes on real importance, which includes celebrations at school, gifts, surprises, games, fun, the full attention of adults, and so on. For the most part, these are unforgettable days, which can be spent with family and with the closest friends. Who didn’t laugh out loud or do some memorable prank on Children’s Day?

The invitation, then, has a double edge: that you make that day one of the most special your child can have, and that you also enjoy it to the fullest now that he is still a child. For the best results of the celebration, get together with some mothers of your classmates or with your relatives so that they are more children and the fun can be greater. The more you gather, the more resources you can gather, the more ideas will come out, and the more hands you can help.

With everything ready, organize one or more of these four fun activities:

1. A rally

Find a large outdoor space and plan a course where they have to go through different obstacles before reaching the finish line. Help yourself with bicycles, boats to avoid, branches to jump, balls to carry when running, balls that can bounce, kick, score; in short, anything that helps you to have time to do activities on the move. With this option, laughter and physical exercise are guaranteed!

2. Human bowling

If the weather permits, take on the task of setting up a space with grass where you place a piece of canvas or fabric along its entire surface that you impregnate with soap and water. At the end, distribute some boats with sand or water that simulate the ten pine trees. With all this set up, ask some moms to help you stop the boats, train the children and take turns asking them to run a stretch and before reaching the boats, slide. Pure and healthy fun!

3. Fashion show

If it is only about girls, or you intend to do something just for them, organize a fashion show in which the girls play to design their clothes, which they will also have to wear themselves. To this end, ask family members, friends and mothers of your children’s classmates for clothes that they don’t wear: of different sizes, colors and styles, and put them in a bag; Get slats in a variety of colors and sizes, a mirror, and appropriate paint (not damaging to your complexion), while the adults prepare the catwalk and set up chairs so they can appreciate their creations. Be silent, focus your gaze on the catwalk and turn on the lights: to exude elegance and style!

Of course, keep this in mind: The hypersexualization of girls: your daughter on the razor’s edge.

4. To the tables

Choose in advance a play or a comical or humorous situation to act out; Agree with the other parents about who is going to help them with the play, setting up the scenography, designing the costumes, and recording the act. Evaluate, together with the parents, if they are going to require the participation of the children, and if so, delegate commissions. This can take several hours, so consider it so that at the end of the day you can all enjoy the play together when screening the recording.

Remember that each stage of life is unrepeatable, but enjoying your child as a child cannot be compared to any other, because these memories are important in the family’s history, in the child’s personal development and in the pursuit of happiness. . Do not stay with the desire to make that day -and many more- an indelible one, which they evoke with laughter and satisfaction.

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