I Want To Study, But I Don’t Have The Means To Do It

Education is the key that will open many doors for you. Do you need help to obtain it?

More and more governments around the world agree that education is the only way to get ahead. Also every day, little by little, the means are given to achieve this purpose, but what happens when no matter how much good will there is, someone cannot continue their studies and finish them because the money is not enough?

If this is your case, that of your children or someone you know, consider these recommendations, perhaps some of them can help you find a way to continue until you finish your education.

1. Check the educational offers offered by the government and some other institutions

Basic education – preschool, primary and secondary – is guaranteed free of charge in many countries; Even, there are already places where the baccalaureate and some higher education are offered for free as well. Find out where you can enroll or what are the ways to get these benefits. There are even government scholarships so you can go to study at a local university.

Also, some civil associations have ways to support young people with training, courses and scholarships. Search, request reports and express your desire to get ahead; there is always a good heart ready to help.

2. Inquire about open and distance education

The Internet has made possible the miracle of connecting us to almost any part of the world, and education has been highly favored by this medium. Today there are many opportunities to study from home, a wide variety of courses and even bachelor’s and master’s degrees at very affordable or free prices. The key is to search with a desire to find. If you know a teacher or there is an educational institution near you, ask.

3. Look for schools that have scholarship or student work scholarship plans

I feel very fortunate to have studied in high school at a college that thought about the well-being of its students, and did everything in its power so that more young people had access to education. There were scholarships for academic averages, for possessing a sports or musical talent, scholarships for student work (this was that students could work after or before school and pay for their education while obtaining training and training in trades such as gardening, cooking, administration, etc. library or general maintenance of the institution). There are many such schools, with similar programs and supports, one is waiting for you!

4. Learn about technical careers

Sometimes we believe that a university degree is the answer to all our economic woes and we forget that technical education can also be a great solution. It is cheaper and it ends soon, it can be what gives us a faster job and then we can continue studying what you want and continue to succeed. Search in the technology education modality that approximates your learning desires and go for it! This may be the great stepping stone you are looking for.

And finally, let me tell you something my father used to say: «If you ask a friend for a thousand pesos, he won’t lend it to you; but if you ask ten friends for a hundred pesos, you will be able to get them ». And the same thing happens with your education: you may not be able to pay for it by yourself, but if you approach your relatives, then friends, your employer and people who believe in education, you will always get the help you need. I believe that God likes intelligence and provides the means for us to develop it.

Get to work, get a job and show everyone that you can, that you will make it, only that sometimes it takes a little longer. And please, don’t stop studying.

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