I Want To Love Myself, But I Don’t Know How

Come on, run to a mirror and look at yourself. Recognize who you are, accept yourself as you are, value who you are and love yourself!

The first time I looked at myself in the mirror and said out loud that I loved myself, a lump formed in my throat and I ended up crying. In fact, it wasn’t just that first time. For a long time that I tried to do it, I ended up crying. I imagine it was my body excited that I was finally giving her her place.

When we are babies, Mom and Dad always tell us that they love us, and they wait and teach us to say the same thing back to them. But I’ve never heard a child say “love yourself.” And yet I have discovered that loving ourselves is what makes us happy.

Jesus taught: “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” (Matthew 22:39). And incredibly when we read these words we think that our greatest obligation is to love others. But no, what it says is that you must love yourself first and foremost, and with that same intensity love your fellow men. It’s about loving them as you do, not yourself as you love them.

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1. Love, you are alive!

I can’t think of a better argument to give and give you love, than to reciprocate for that breath that you still have. To be alive is to have all the possibilities, and one way to show yourself that you love yourself is to take advantage of them.

2. Your strengths and weaknesses

The good and the bad are you. Nobody is immensely good, nor absolutely bad. In any case, work on changing the bad and keeping the good. Loving you with your virtues and defects is the greatest proof of love that we can give ourselves.

3. Love yourself because you have love in you

If love lives in you, do not haggle it, you do not need to make merits to love yourself. You need to love yourself to know what love is about, otherwise you will allow others to treat you in ways that are not loving and you will believe that they are the right ways. Love does not hurt, nor is it a victim, nor is it half.

4. Your mind and your body

Love has the quality that it is protective, it always seeks the well-being of the loved one. If we love ourselves, we will seek precisely comfort, peace, happiness and fortune in ourselves, and in ourselves.

5. Love your neighbor

Not all loves are romantic, make no mistakes, or make a mistake in the purpose of loving. It’s not about being popular and winning your fan club. To love is to respect, to care, to understand, to seek well-being.

Learning to love ourselves is not that difficult, we make it difficult because we feel that we do not deserve it. We let ourselves be overwhelmed with other people’s ideas about us and allow them to influence a decision that should be ours alone. So go ahead, run to a mirror and look at yourself. Recognize who you are, accept yourself as you are, value who you are, and love yourself!

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