I Am Pregnant! Should I Or Should I Not Get Married?

Making a decision as important as getting married is not just anything. You must take things seriously and calmly; And if a baby is on the way, all the more so you should take time to think about it!

Family, customs and social traditions regularly tell us how and for how long some things should be done in our life, however, sometimes things turn out as we had planned and when we talk about marriage and babies they do not always arrive in that order.

Many women dream of a dream wedding, a honeymoon, a house, a charming life together and, like the cherry on the cake, the arrival of babies, but due to different circumstances, things go just the other way around.

Let’s start from the idea that a beautiful baby was ahead of your plans and that you are in the dilemma of getting married or not. If you already have a doubt, my friend, we have a lot to talk about.

Don’t hesitate to get married when

They are both in love; happy; you already had wedding plans ; They were already engaged and now, the news of the baby has only meant joy for both of them. Maybe the only sour drink is talking about it with your family, but I assure you that your family will understand. Sometimes it takes time but it always works. Work, a separate house and all the material involved in forming a home will arrive.

Think twice when

You are too young; he doesn’t want to get married; the two families are strongly opposed; you are not in love, or you are very much in love, but he is not; you are not sure you want to spend the rest of your life with that person, or he does not show great desire to commit fully.

Many women make the mistake of marrying knowing that he is not the man of their life; that he does not make them happy or that he does not even love the baby; They do it to cover up appearances or with the false idea that once the baby is born, he will change or things like that.

You should know that in many cases it is better to raise a child alone than with a parent who does not love you or your child. It is even preferable to wait for the child to be born to make decisions.

To get married you must be in the perfect balance of love, infatuation and sanity. Social pressure, the desire for your child to be born and have a father, and personal shame should not be factors that you consider determining in your decision to marry.

Remember that love is not begged, it is not begged for. If your heart tells you not to get married, wait a bit and allow time to clear your mind, calm your senses, talk to other people, reflect, and make the best options for you and your baby. Fear is something that will surprise you, doubts will come but this time you will see that it is for your good to resolve in your mind and in your heart anything that makes you doubt.

You will know that marriage is the decision to make because everything will be in your favor. And if there is something that worries you, something that repeatedly in your heart asks you to wait, do it. Your condition and quality as a woman is not less, you do not lose value, on the contrary! You carry a new life in your being and your value is now incalculable and the man who can see and understand that will be the chosen one of your heart and will not disappoint you.

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