I Am An Imperfect Mother And That Motivates Me

You don’t have to regret that you have flaws and imperfections as a mother when you know how to use them to your advantage for the benefit of yourself and your children. My imperfections as a mom motivate me.

I remember well the crying of my first baby and my desire and resolution that from that moment on I would be the perfect mother: homemade food, crafts, making clothes for her, never getting angry, singing and dancing together, among many other things that at that moment I imagined and swore they would happen. Now, of course I have done many of those things, and I have been able to live thousands of magical moments now with my two children; However, my expectations of perfection have changed: I know well that I am not a perfect mom and over time I have come to not only accept it, but also appreciate it.

It is not always easy to come to the conclusion that as mothers we are wrong, a lot. We have so many illusions and so many ideas of what a good mother does that it is easy to get depressed feeling that we cannot meet those expectations. The good thing is that we do not have to achieve them, since our children need us, they require the best of us, even if that best is imperfect and not as beautiful as we would like. My imperfections as a mother have filled me with joy on many occasions; I share some:

When my children teach me

Many times it is my children who teach me when I accept that I made a mistake, most of the time how easy it is for them to forgive and forget what happened when they give me a kiss, a hug or a smile, that they let me know that everything it’s okay. In the same way I learn when they laugh at my occurrences, which for me are imperfections, but for them it is all an act of comedy, that reminds me that it is good to laugh at oneself from time to time.

When i ask for forgiveness

My imperfections have helped me shed my pride and learn to ask for forgiveness. Of the sweetest moments that I have been able to experience with my little ones are those in which I kneel to be able to see them in the eye and I ask for your forgiveness with all my heart. Doing this teaches me more humility and provides them with learning about asking for forgiveness and about being patient with the imperfections of others.

When i get motivation

My imperfections have filled me with motivation to inform myself, to read; try, develop and start new things that help me to be a better mother every day. If it were perfect, I would not have the desire or the need to seek and develop as a person, so I am grateful not to be, since it provides me with the opportunity to grow and learn.

When i take care of myself

Let’s accept it, our imperfections bring with them many emotions, most of which are not positive: sadness, frustration and anger with ourselves. So, in a way, my imperfections help me take care of myself to deal with such emotions: like exercise, eating well, sleeping, having hobbies, and spending time with my partner.

Our imperfections as mothers are not our enemies if we appreciate them and use them to our advantage. Our children do not require perfect mothers, but us with everything and our defects, since it is these that motivate, it is these that teach.

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