How You Can Go Back To School In Your Adult Life

Was your education pending? Or maybe you would like to improve your work situation or change your profession, if that is the case, education is the key for you. How can you go back to school in your

I went back to college after my forties. I came back because I thought it would be fun and fruitful to take advantage of the free time that I was beginning to enjoy because my daughters were already grown up and they didn’t need me as much as when they were little; my career and work were already two consolidated areas and well, I just thought it would be great to study something for the simple pleasure of doing it, total enjoyment.

I visited some schools, reviewed the plans and syllabi of some majors that caught my attention, and finally one day I enrolled in a Saturday bachelor’s degree. I felt a little nervous on the first day of school, and I remember on the way to college promising myself to “fit in with the youth group” that I would surely have as new classmates. What would be my surprise when I realized that half of my group were indeed very young, but the other half were made up of adults of the same age as mine or older than me. At the end of my first class I already felt like friends.

Returning to school as an adult can be intimidating

But the benefits that can be found are much greater. Whether you want to improve your job, change careers, or just start a new life project, studying is worth it. Do not let the idea of ​​”being the oldest in the class” intimidate you, you will see that the youngest will accept you easily if you are truly willing to form a group and be another partner for them. Do not fall into the trap of becoming his mother or his flapper (pimp); With simplicity, be another companion, enjoy their youth and energy and share, if they ask, your experience.

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Trust your skills and abilities

Many adults, having the need for training, do not do so for fear of “not being able” or of “having lost the ability to learn or understand things.” If you think that your mind and body are already tired, better think that “they are out of shape”, especially if there have been many years in which you have not “exercised”, and you will see that as you start your studies again, each Maybe it will be easier for you to understand the classes, do the homework and work with the technology, and when you least notice it you will be at the same level as any of your classmates.

Rearrange your schedules and talk to your family about your goals and challenges

Many schools today offer “online education,” flexible hours, and special programs for older adults. You can find everything from basic education to undergraduate and graduate degrees; There is also a great variety of courses, diplomas, language classes and much more; There are free and private courses, all you have to do is decide and once you do, talk to your family, make the relevant arrangements and request the support of your husband and children, because they will become not only your reason and motive but also your great allies in this company.

Many years ago, when I was in high school, I had an older man as a partner; It was a new sensation for me, because it made me very funny, very curious to see him among us, so young and him, already old. It was not once but several times that I discovered him in the library studying with his eldest son, he was the one who helped him with assignments (homework, homework), as he was in a higher grade. It was a beautiful image: the son helping the father with all tenderness and joy. The best, as always, was graduation, our old colleague was there with his wife and children. Even now his memory continues to inspire me. Just remember that “even the felled tree sprouts.”

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