How To Turn A House Into A Home

Well they say that money can buy everything, even a house but never a home. So what makes a house become a home? Find out in the following note.

Well they say that money can buy everything, even a house but never a home. So what makes a house become a home? The secret for me does not lie in how luxurious and big it can be, but in that magic touch that a woman’s hands put especially. Find in this note some ideas that will make your home a refuge where your children and husband will long to return every day:

Always receive your family with love

What makes a place become that home we long to return to every day is knowing that there is always someone who welcomes us with joy and affection. The time of arrival at home of your loved ones (and this rule can apply to everyone at home) is never a good time for a complaint or bad news, let your loved one settle in comfortably and when he is a little calmer , it might be a better time to discuss that pending issue. A smile, a hug, receive the packages, ask how was your day? They are simple behaviors that brighten the life of your family and make home feel like nowhere else.

Promote family gatherings

Meeting for dinner, having breakfast together or talking in the living room are habits that a family should promote and never lose sight of. Human warmth, laughter, the joy of sharing, expressions of affection, the construction of anecdotes and a story to tell as a family, are the true foundations of a home and are the values ​​that give us strength to go through the days difficult.

That your house is always clean and tidy

This is a task in which all members of the family must participate, and without reaching the extreme of obsession, order makes life easier for the family. Cleanliness, contrary to what produces chaos and disorder, brings peace and tranquility. Take advantage of the spaces, arrange things so that they are easy to find, allow daylight to enter and air circulate; are some of the things that make a place pleasant. Something additional that could make the environment even more welcoming, could be the flowers, without saturating, a vase adorned with your favorite flowers in the hall of the house, in the living room, very close to the front door, add a touch of vitality and joy. Cheer up, you don’t need special dates to brighten up your days and those of your family.

May the presence of God dwell at home

Make small family prayers before eating, give God’s blessing to your children before they go to bed, pray with the children before going to sleep, entrust themselves to the Creator before leaving home; are among others some ways to allow the presence of God to dwell in your home. Trust in a supreme being relieves burdens and restores hope.

These are some ideas, how your home can be transformed into a refuge, a haven, a place that deserves to be called “home.” And remember that nothing is needed in the home where there is love

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