How To Strengthen The Relationship Between Siblings

All the time we worry about creating strong and lasting ties with our partner, friends or people we meet along the way, but what do we do to get closer to our siblings?

Fraternal relationships are among the most important and significant that exist within the family structure. We live together, we grow up with them, but the reality is that in this busy century, it is more and more frequent that they live little with their parents and, in some cases, that they end up being almost unknown.

How to improve the relationship between sisters

When I was still a teenager, the relationship between my sister and me was pretty bad. Day to day was a constant battle, as the fights and discussions did not stop. This situation not only affected her and me, but also had a negative impact on the daily life of the whole family.

Over time, with effort — and fortunately for all — we have been structuring a relationship that, until now, is based on understanding and respect, which has helped us to resolve our differences effectively.

Something I learned from that experience is that there is a moment in life in which this bond occurs practically alone, where all parties reach the point of maturity necessary to live in harmony with others. It may take some more time or find it more difficult than others, but sooner or later everyone does it.

It is important to create a good relationship with our brothers, as they will be there longer than any other friend. In addition, by coming from the same home and knowing each other for a lifetime, they better understand certain issues that you are going through, and that your friends may not fully understand.

There are endless activities that you can do with your siblings in order to strengthen their ties — more than family — of companionship and friendship. Here are some that my sister and I have put into practice:

1. Talk

Spending part of our time getting to know the other’s hobbies, tastes, aspirations and concerns has helped us to get to know each other better, and to better recognize and understand our feelings and actions. We have also discovered some things that we have in common, and that we can enjoy in each other’s company.

2. Support

Like being close when the other person has a problem. It is not necessary to say the best words of encouragement that have ever been heard, just by being present, feeling that you are there for him or her, greatly improves the way in which he copes.

3. Go shopping

From visiting the mall to buy clothes, shoes and accessories, to buying the products that are necessary at home. Doing this has strengthened the way we support each other, as responsibilities are shared to successfully meet mutual likes and needs.

4. Have fun

Whether it’s going to the movies, going out to the park, eating, having a drink, or just staying home enjoying a movie or a game. I particularly enjoy these small activities much more, since the coexistence is closer and more direct.

5. Travel together

Being alone away from home and our family has been one of the most rewarding and humbling experiences of our lives. Visiting a country or some unknown cities for both has taught us to be united to protect ourselves, to manage our daily activities and economic resources, divided between fun, whims and food. Likewise, all the timeshare helped us get to know each other even more.

Besides being very supportive, they can become great friends. Strengthening ties with your siblings fills you with strength to face life, because you have the assurance that they will be there all your life, and that you can count on them even if they are far away.

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