How To Overcome The Fear Of Establishing A Formal Relationship

Are you in a serious relationship and want to take the next step, but fear is holding you back? To know what really happens, you must read this article.

Everything that is important in the life of a human being forces him to make commitments and make meaningful decisions that help him achieve his goals. It is possible that this is the reason why most are afraid to take on a responsibility, because sticking to a plan is not something that is made easy for everyone.

The situation does not change much and tends to become more tense when that choice is to unite your life with that of the person you love, but undoubtedly if you want to take that step, you must overcome the terror that marriage generates. Yes, it may sound terrible, but getting married implies making big changes in life and if something creates more uncertainty, it is leaving the comfort zone; Despite this, if the next step is not doubted, that terrain will be ready to be covered.

For the aforementioned, I would like to share with you four steps that will help you overcome the fear of getting married.

1. Recognize the reason for your fear of commitment

You know that thinking about joining your life forever to one person scares you but you don’t know why. Then think about how your previous relationships have been, perhaps they have disappointed you, betrayed or played with you. However, your current love story has been ideal, otherwise there would be no valid reason to want to get married, so there is no reason to be afraid.

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2. Analyze your feelings

Joined to the first point, only now you will think about the reason why you fear. It is good that you feel anxiety about the new life that awaits you, but fear not because if you have known how to choose who to love, there is little possibility of being wrong. Remember, you build your relationship from the beginning and how it works is up to you.

3. Talk to your partner about your fears

It’s best to be honest up front and tell your partner how you feel about making a commitment. You may have dated that special someone for longer than you had both scheduled and is anxiously waiting for the proposal that does not come: if it is not for lack of desire, it is only fair that they know why.

That will help you size things up; Your partner may also feel the need to discuss it with someone, but is not sure if you are the right person to do it. Knowing that you are not alone in that dilemma one way or another will give you the courage to go ahead with the plan.

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4. Face your fears

You gain nothing by hiding or running away from what you want but are afraid to do. If you resort to one of those two paths, the only thing you will do in the future is regret what you did not do out of fear.

That is when you must be proactive, that is, face those fears, otherwise you will be subjected to them and they will dominate your life instead of you choosing to do your own will.

The magic is that you achieve a balance between prudence and confronting your fears and from there you gain strength to move forward and not regret anything, neither what you have left behind nor future choices.

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Keep in mind that each of the things you choose to face in your life involves a risk, good or bad, it only depends on you. To know what to do at any time, consult your experience and do not leave aside the guide that never hurts: the wisdom of God.

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