How To Know That God Has Really Forgiven You

Do you feel that your spiritual life falters because of your faults and you do not know if God has forgiven you? Discover the secret of God’s forgiveness by reading the following article.

If there is a complex situation in the life of a human being, it is to maintain a close and active spiritual life with the Supreme Being. Now, let’s start from the fact that, regardless of the religious belief of each one of us, God is the same for everyone and the only plausible difference lies in the way we believe in Him and the name given to Him in each religion.

But regardless of the aforementioned —and not because it is not important, but because believing is God is something intimate and personal—, there is a situation that worries every person who wants to be at peace with himself and with God, and this resides in know whether or not God has forgiven you for your sins.

A personal anecdote

Some time ago I was alone in a country other than mine. I felt lost, confused, and — why not say — abandoned. Although I was active in a church and was supposed to be doing things “right”, the reality was different: I could fool others but I couldn’t fool myself and that made me feel awful.

One Sunday, tired of making mistakes in my search for peace and in my bad attempts to straighten my path, I felt in my heart that the answer had come to me. So I waited for the people who lived in the same house where I resided to leave to do what had occurred to me.

When I was alone I went to my room and knelt down, began to pray with all the fervor of which I was capable. Despite this, I felt hypocritical, inside me I felt that I was not being listened to and that if I did not feel sorry for my mistakes I would never be listened to. I persisted over and over again until after finally praying I felt that I was praying with conviction and sincerity. Talk to God about all the bad things I was doing, how much I knew that I was making mistakes and that I really wanted to be someone else, change and be liked by Him.

After bringing all my thoughts and feelings to his knowledge, I knew deep down that what I had to do was really change and never make the same mistakes again. It was then that I felt compelled to do so and I felt free: I knew that God had forgiven me. Those feelings of being loaded with a great weight, of feeling dirty and unworthy to approach God were gone and, for the first time in many years, I felt free and at peace. Therefore, in order to know if you have really gotten God to forgive you, you must do what I will explain below:

1. Acknowledge your sins

Sometimes people are so used to justifying their faults that they end up getting used to it and do not realize all the damage that those sins are doing to them. Just examine your conscience, already knowing what it is that makes you feel bad, you can go to the next step.

2. Confess to God your fault

By having knowledge of your sins, then it is time to kneel and confess your faults. Another thing you can do is go to your spiritual advisor and vent your faults with him. Afterwards, he will have the best way you can feel that you are going firm to forgiveness.

3. Ask for forgiveness

Ask God for forgiveness so that you can feel free from faults. But you must do it with real pain in your heart for your mistakes. If your actions have also hurt someone, look for him and ask for forgiveness for hurting him.

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4. Don’t do it again

With all the painful process described above, I don’t think you want to experience the same thing again a second time; so put a lot of firmness on your part and never again fall into that same fault.

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As the days go by you will feel free, at peace with yourself and with God and your beliefs. You will begin to live a new life and you will have many desires to continue on the path you have chosen: that of inner peace and that of knowing that everything is fine in your life. Knowing that God has forgiven your faults is a matter of wanting to seek him and wanting to live again; just do it and you will know the immense peace that exists in those who believe that everything is possible.

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