How To Know If He Is Sincere When He Says “i Love You”

In an ideal world, people would say, “I love you,” only if they feel it. But in the real world it is not that simple. Do you know how to tell if your boyfriend is really sincere? Here’s how to find out.

I hate to disappoint you girls, but just because someone says “I love you” doesn’t mean they really mean it. If this article hits you like a bucket of cold water, I hope you can get rid of whoever you’re looking at and find someone who loves you the way every woman deserves to be loved.

To help you reflect, here are eight ways to tell if he really loves you:

1. You don’t need to justify their behavior

If you feel like you are defending him all the time, you may need to reconsider your relationship. If he treats you well, then you will not have the need to defend his mistakes or blunders. Your family and friends will support the relationship because they will see how well he treats you.

2. He knows how to forgive

It is known that, in a relationship, it is normal for both partners to make mistakes. Maybe when you’re on your period you get mad about something really silly and flare up for no reason. But if he is willing to forgive your foibles and foolishness, then he is worth fighting for. He is someone who does not hold things in your face. On the contrary, it lets them pass.

Relee: It is a matter of humility to overcome malicious pride.

3. If you promise to do something, you do it

If he tells you he’s going to call you at ten, he does. If she promises to meet you on Friday to go out, she does. If he stays true to his word and you can trust that he will always be like this, then he is worth sticking with.

Relee: This is the number 1 way to lose your partner’s trust.

4. He is the one who takes care of you the most

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter who is right: what he really cares about is how you feel. Even if they disagree, he would never say something hurtful or unkind to you. He is always ready to apologize for his mistakes and to protect your feelings as his own.

5. Doesn’t date other people

If he is a man who dates several at once, then he is not in love with you. Run away from that relationship as fast as you can. Love has to do with commitment. In this there is no valid excuse. If he is not willing to show that he only has eyes for you, it is not worth wasting your time in that relationship. If he is cheating on you now, nothing will stop him when they are married.

6. He likes you even when you throw up on him

If you are sick, vomiting all day and unable to bathe, what does it do? Does she tell you that you are beautiful, does she stay by your side and help you in whatever way? Or does she run away? Your true love will accompany you in illness, not only in health.

Relee: The greatest miracle is not in the husband. It is in her, who has all the power.

7. Sets you as his priority

It is present in the most important moments of your life, even those that seem silly. If he knows that your best friend’s birthday is important to you, then he will accompany you to the party. If he texts you wishing you luck at your job interview or turns down a date with friends to comfort you if you’ve had a bad day, then he’s showing you that he sets you as his priority. He always puts you first on his list.

8. You are present in their future plans

If he truly loves you, then he will want to share his life with you. That means making plans together. If when he talks about his future he includes you, it is a good sign that he is not looking for an adventure but a meaningful and lasting relationship.

Translated and adapted by Maia Fernandez from How to know if his kisses really mean ‘I love you’ by Katelyn Carmen .

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