How To Keep Order In Your Home?

Here are some practical ideas to keep your home tidy for as long as possible.

When I was little I had an old storybook that belonged to my mother. It was one of my favorites. Stories from all over the world were told there. Each story, besides being very beautiful, had a moral and very beautiful illustrations.

One of those stories was a Japanese story that told the story of a young man who was very messy and dirty. When he used a toothpick, instead of throwing it away, he would throw it on the floor. At night, the toothpicks transformed into tiny samurai that attacked him. In the end, the protagonist decides to throw those “little enemies” in the trash and the problem is over. I remember that story impressed me a lot. I was very messy. Over time I realized that disorder does not bring anything good.

That change required an effort on my part. I had a hard time implementing the order at home, but I managed. I was not like those people who are orderly by nature, who cannot see anything out of place, who always have everything impeccable. But it started to happen to me that when I kept order, I needed more and more for everything to be in place. And it is that the order has many benefits:

1. Clarity of ideas. The more orderly your house is, the more order there will be in your mind. Could it be that disorder distracts us, causes us stress or nervousness? Could it be, as many claim, that external disorder reflects an internal disorder? Be that as it may, it is true that our way of living reflects our way of being. Personally, I feel much more relaxed and in harmony when I keep my home tidy. In an orderly home you live better.

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2. You can invite people to your home more often. You don’t have to be ashamed or even make excuses or be rude – you have a home that can receive visitors.

3. There is more hygiene and, therefore, more health.

4. You save time. You find things that you thought were lost

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Although it still costs me a lot! It is worth the effort. So here are some tips to keep you from going crazy trying.

Make order part of your daily routine

Although it may cost at first, if you spend a little time each day ordering, it will be easier to keep everything in its place. That way your house does not become total chaos, having to dedicate whole days to accommodate everything.

Wash the dishes as soon as you use them

Or at least before bed. There is nothing uglier than getting up and seeing the dirty kitchen. It’s demotivating. Therefore, if you keep it clean, it will be more pleasant to look at and start the day in a better way. Not only that: there is nothing better for raising cockroaches or other critters than leaving dirty dishes overnight.

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Make the bed when you get up

Take just a moment and enhance the appearance of your room. You can teach your kids to do it with their bedrooms too.

Sort your dirty clothes

It sounds weird, but it’s not complicated. Just put it in different containers according to color and type. That way it will be more practical when washing.

If you make order a habit, in a short time it will be easier for you to have everything in its place. Teach your children to be orderly from a young age. The best thing is that they get used to collaborating around the house, either in order or in cleaning. Of course, always according to their age and without neglecting their study and play time. That way the household chores will not become so heavy and you will be sowing the need in them to be organized. This will bring them great benefits when they are adults.

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