How To Keep Calm In Times Of Epidemics And Fear

In times of social crisis, fear and epidemics, it is when we let see what we are made of. Our peace of mind can also protect us.

They say that in a classroom, a teacher showed his students an orange. He put it on the desk and asked them: “What happens if I squeeze this fruit?”The students answered sure that juice would come out. “What will the juice be of?“- asked the teacher again. “Orange,” they answered. “Can’t it be apple juice, or pear juice?The man asked insistently. The students affirmed with complete certainty that no. “Why?“Asked the teacher at last. “Because the fruit is an orange.”

The example sounds logical, right? And the anecdote may even seem a bit silly; yet how much it can teach us if we reflect on it!

What feelings have you experienced in this time of anxiety in the face of the recently named global pandemic of COVID 19 or “coronavirus“? Circumstances “squeeze” us: they don’t recommend us to go out, they have suspended classes and social events … how have you behaved? Have you lost your peace? Are you one of the people who have packed shopping malls with panic purchases? Have you spread security, containment, serenity? What kind of “juice” do you offer to others?

Is our “orange juice” sour?

Is there a particular way in which those of us who believe in Christ should react to life? A specific code of behavior for Christians? So is. There is one, manifested by God from the Old Testament and validated and clarified by Jesus Christ in his days of physical presence on earth. In the New Testament we can also remember this guide.

A clue to this behavior is found in the First Letter to the Corinthians, we read: “whether you eat, drink, or do anything else, do it all for the glory of God”(1 Cor 10:31). 

Should our behavior be different, for example in the face of the threat of the COVID 19 pandemic or “coronavirus”? Yes!. In this article we want to reflect with you about it. 

To begin with, why the anguish?

In the Gospel of Luke we read: “as for yourselves, even the hairs on your head he has counted one by one. So do not be afraid : you are worth more than many little birds”(Lk 12: 7).

We are always in the loving arms of God. And many times, we expose ourselves to much greater risks without being aware: according to data from theWorld Health OrganizationEvery day, 3014 people die in the world from tuberculosis, 2110 people from HIV or AIDS, 392 people from cholera, and those daily figures worldwide of deaths from coronavirus have not yet been reached.

To give an example that may make us look in perspective, “every year there are 3 million deaths in the world due to the harmful use of alcohol, which represents 5.3% of all deaths “. This means that death is always there, lurking around the corner, where one day we will find it without warning. 

Certainly, the coronavirus places us in front of a panorama of imminent illness, and more, because it is a difficult issue to control and that is seriously changing our daily personal and family organization. This places us in front of our own fragility, and perhaps that is where it is urgent that Christians give a message.

Christians are not afraid of death

«Do not be anxious about anything, and in any circumstance, resort to prayer and supplication, accompanied by thanksgiving, to present your requests to God. Then the peace of God, which surpasses all we can think of, will take care of hearts«. (Philippians 4,6-7)

In a Press release from Monsignor Pascal Roland, Bishop of Ars-Belley (France), he encouraged his faithful with these challenging words: 

We should remember that in much more serious situations, those of the great plagues, and when the health means were not those of today, the Christian populations enlightened themselves with steps of collective prayer, as well as by helping the sick, assisting the dying and the grave of the deceased. In summary,the disciples of Christ did not turn away from God or hide from their fellow men, quite the contrary

Drive away fear and renew trust in God

If we analyze in the history of Christianity, when plagues have been abundant, religious men and women have dedicated their lives to caring for the sick, as is the case of Saint Roque, the French saint who dedicated his life to curing the sick. sick with the bubonic plague, which killed 30 million people in Europe alone in the 14th century.  

This global epidemic is the opportunity for Christians to create around us a space of solidarity, affection, unity, consideration and serenity for those around us.

In addition, it is a space to renew the connection with our loved ones, ensuring that the coexistence is healthy, courteous and rich in gestures of affection and consideration.

Our tranquility also protects us

External actions will be very useful to prevent the spread of this virus in our communities, and to follow them we must heed the indications of our authorities, but there are also small actions that we can do internally that will be of great help. These are some of them:

Pray or meditate

Stress hormones reduce the effectiveness of the immune system, so take time to pray every day.


If you feel upset, try to breathe by slowing down your breathing little by little. This will bring you serenity.

Sleep well and eat healthy

Sleep stimulates the development of T-cells that help to fight especially viral attacks on our body. A diet based on fruits and vegetables will also help us stay strong.

Evaluate who you let into your mind

If it helps you, stay away from social networks, newscasts and WhatsApp groups that could steal your peace. Take what helps you (practical advice, self-care tips) and avoid what causes hysteria or social panic.

Connect with yours

Take the opportunity to stay out of the social hustle and bustle to connect you with yours. 

We receive a wonderful opportunity to get closer to God, who is the source of life, to remember our fragility without being scared, because we know that our homeland is not this but the heavenly one. Do not let these events steal your peace, fill your close circle with peace with the fire of Christ that you carry in your heart. Cheer up!

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