How To Bring Our Children Closer To God

Your little ones – like children – have the soul and heart ready to know and love God. Accompanying them in this process will fill you with blessings and learnings

A man who considered himself very devoted to God, got upset when a mother went with her son – who suffered from Down syndrome – to church celebrations every Sunday.

On one occasion, when he was leaving, he intercepted the mother to say: “ Did you know that you are not obliged to bring your son to Mass every week? «. The surprised lady did not know how to react. What would bother this good man about her little boy’s church attendance? She wondered. In order not to guess, she questioned it.

Your son does not understand what he is doing here, and with his hyperactivity he annoys those of us who want to listen to the priest “, said this man, with an acid and intolerant tone. While raising his tone and pretending to explain himself, the man had collided with two little girls who were next to him, and had stepped on a young man who was praying.

While the mother felt the blood rush to her head, for such an adventurous conclusion, her fifteen-year-old son stood up, made affection to the little girls frightened by the man’s push, apologized to the young man, and He asked his mother to pray with him to God for this man, who undoubtedly had an aching heart.

You, do you know who God is?

This young man undoubtedly  knew who God was, he knew him. He knew how to react warmly to a direct attack on his person, he knew how to comfort his mother, who felt the man’s radical comment as an affront, and – in the interim – he was given the opportunity to apologize on behalf of another to the little girls and the young man.

The first man, on the other hand, felt that he was very devout, and demanded that he be allowed to “love God”, forgetting that that love Christ would also like to convert him into compassion, charity and delicacy to treat other men, as his brothers who are .

I confess, I have sometimes felt like this angry character. And “in the name of my God, and of my faith,” I have harshly judged others, and I have tried to “teach” others about the Owner and Lord of the World. It has not worked, because I have done it from superiority, and the way to share faith, to share God, is only from love, example and delicacy.

You show yourself to the little ones

In the Gospel of Saint Matthew, we can read this prayer made by Jesus to his Father: « O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, thank you for hiding these things from those who think they are wise and intelligent, and for revealing them to those who they are like children ” (Mt 11:25).

Faith in God is not something that is known with intelligence, it is something that is experienced, something that is lived.

What will “being like children” mean then? It is important to know this if we want to live the faith and share it with our children.

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Invited to be “like children”

In another section of the Bible, we read that the children tried to get closer to Jesus, and the apostles dismissed them, facing the questioning of the Son of God, who told them: «Let the children come to me, because theirs is the kingdom of God. the Heavens ».

The apostles were puzzled, had Jesus gone mad? In ancient Israel, the fulfillment of the Law, the merit of salvation, were everything. In this way they would secure the favor of Yahweh. What did Jesus mean by these novel words?

That men, to receive God, had to forget their airs of greatness, their arrogance, their pride, their race to “be the one who fasted the most, to be the one who prayed the most.” They had to learn to ask for and to be grateful for what they obtained with simplicity and spontaneity, they had to let God turn them into new vessels.

Do you want to teach your child to love God? Be like your son

Your son, who does not worry about the rent, keeping the boss happy, or the extra size that has gone up, enjoy today. He doesn’t care if you kill yourself to give him “a future,” and instead values ​​your active and attentive presence when you decide to give it to him.

He values ​​close encounters with you and with his community. Do you want your child to give God a place in his life? Invite him to have encounters with Him, warm, comforting, and meaningful encounters.

Some suggestions:

Look for fixed moments in which you will speak to God : when you wake up, before sleeping, before and after eating, when you feel fear, when something beautiful happens, what you will be grateful for together.

Invite him to enter into a dialogue with God. Speak to God on behalf of your child, telling him what worries you as a family, inviting him to soccer games, thanking him for that beautiful sunset, for the curious worms so full of details that entertain your child so much when he discovers them.

Listen to him, and validate his way of seeking God. Ask him if he knows who God is, if he understands what it means that He loves us so much. My three-year-old son, when he saw the crucifixes at home, would worry about the physical abuse that Jesus suffered, and -before learning to speak- he would say “Oh”, something like “that one, whose body hurts” . By knowing how they view God, you can find ways to guide their tender and beautiful vision of loving God.

Show him the advantages of being a child of God. He has a God who loves him more than anyone else in the world, who loves him before he was conceived in your womb, who will take care of him when no one else can. This God enters his or her heart when he or she invites him, he is a wonderful God », review together the great qualities of our good Father, it will be comforting for him or her to know that he or she is so loved and so well cared for.

Let him wonder about God. He listens serenely to his doubts about God and responds to his level, also asking his thoughts about what makes him curious. This will allow very enriching dialogues between you.

On this path, don’t forget that your little one has a great advantage over you. He is a child, and he is God’s darling. In his innocent and pure soul he has the seed ready to deeply love his Creator. May God allow you to accompany him on this path and enrich you as you go through him with his little hand.

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