How To Be Your Spouse’s Best Friend

Are you really friends with your partner? I invite you to check it out

Every relationship begins as a beautiful friendship. However, very few married couples can affirm, after several years together, that they are still the best friends of their spouses. In fact, there are couples who claim, sometimes not very jokingly, to sleep every night with the enemy. But like everything in life, this can be avoided. Just keep in mind the following points:

Take time

No matter how many chores each of you have, friendship requires quality time. And in marriage it is VERY important that both of you leave time to spend together alone, away from the responsibilities and problems of the house and the children. And I emphasize leaving the responsibilities of the house, because many couples believe that time alone means going shopping at the supermarket or doing the payment of the bills together and this is not the case. What the couple needs is a date, just like when they were dating. This is the way in which they will be able to continue cultivating romance and communication will remain fluid.

Listen more than you speak

When a friend comes to us with a problem, we get comfortable and listen and then advise from our point of view or experience. Well, your partner needs exactly the same. It is no use that every time he seeks you for advice, you attack him with heavy weapons saying: “always the same”, “again with strange ideas”, “I don’t think you can. This only drives us away and pushes us in one way or another to seek support from others.

Daily conquest

Many believe that because they have already gone to the civil registry to sign a marriage certificate, their love is assured and they begin to neglect vital aspects in the relationship: the daily grooming, flirting and small displays of love. However, these aspects should be the same or more important than before.

Demonstrations of love

It is not necessary that you always spend money, it is enough that every day you say goodbye with a tender kiss, that you write a text message, that you leave a note somewhere, that you write a letter, that you let him know how important he is to you and the reasons why you decide to conquer him day by day.


Have you ever noticed that friends often look at each other and already know what the other wants? Well, this should be something recurrent between couples. Flirt in public, recognize the virtues and never the defects of your partner before others, always remember that dirty clothes are washed at home.

Being friends is the first step to having a successful marriage. Therefore, it is important to maintain a harmonious relationship, so that when facing a crisis, they can emerge gracefully and strengthened from it.

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