How Not To Throw In The Towel

Using as a pretext the story of a professional football player who gives everything on the field, despite having diabetes, this article advises on how not to throw in the towel when the family has difficult times.

In life there are many complicated situations to face every day, and without a doubt, the most precious thing that can be enjoyed is health. Even when you’re healthy, how many times have you wanted to give up? In boxing this is called ” throwing in the towel.” How many times have you believed that you will not be able to solve the problems that surround you, personal ones, family ones, professionals? How many times have you relied on your mental strength to overcome them? Have you ever thought about people who have a condition and who have not given up? Or in families that, despite suffering a string of misfortunes, get ahead favoring love and family unity?

In sport, for example, there are many cases of personal improvement applicable to the person and the family, lessons from athletes who, far from the spotlights and television cameras, have to pass tests, many of them life or death.
Do you know the story of Jay Cutler ? He is a professional football player in the United States (in the NFL), one of the sports in which the body suffers a tremendous amount of blows and punishments. It is an example in many areas of life, find out below and apply them with yourself and your loved ones:

The news

Playing in the NFL is not an easy thing, something that can be belittled; strength, preparation, size, weight are required. But more important than all that, it takes a mentality, something Jay Cutler has plenty of. In 2008, playing for the Denver team, Cutler threw for 4,526 yards, had 25 touchdowns and was intercepted 18 times; however it was also the season in which they gave him news: Mr. quarterback, you have diabetes.

Cutler, a graduate of Vanderbilt University, began in the same year of 2008 with certain physical problems that he attributed to fatigue; After losing nearly 50 pounds and passing out in training, he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. The quarterback – a pivotal position in American football – suffered from intense pain, was almost always in a bad mood, and was labeled a troublesome man. ; He had two options: abandon his career and think he was defeated, or write a new story.

strong, Discipline

Jay was taken care of; The doctors explained to her the changes that should take place in her life from now on: a new diet, discipline to inject insulin daily and control her sugar. In short, she learned to live with her illness without neglecting the demands of her job. Discipline, a lot, a lot of discipline.

With the change in attitude came new experiences. Cutler was selected to the Pro Bowl, a game to which only the best performing players are called up during the season. “It’s something you sleep with and wake up with every day, you can’t say, ‘Hey, today I’m going to rest and take it up another day!’ It’s about being in control of a diet, which has helped me to be in control of myself, ”Cutler said in an interview a few years ago.

This quarterback has to check his glucose levels at any time, no matter if it is in the middle of a game that is broadcast on national television. Cutler, now a Chicago player, during the first games of this 2013 season maintained an optimal performance and at a good pace, although an injury took him off the field of play. In recent weeks he has already returned to the field.

Cutler has had to face many challenges, but he knows that the worst battle is the one that never takes place, and that a powerful mindset and a positive attitude can be capable of doing unimaginable things.

A family can also face adverse situations regardless of whether it was previously in the “Hall of Fame for well-being” and happiness, or whether from the beginning it had difficulties. It is also true that if the family remains united and strives to face any adversity with good courage and discipline, it is always possible to get ahead and succeed.

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