How Not To Be A Desperate Woman On The First Date

A list with 10 mistakes that women often make on their first date.

The anxiety becomes so intense that instead of enjoying the first date with someone it becomes failure. It’s normal to get on your nerves on that first date, but not to the degree that you sabotage yourself. So that this does not happen to you, I leave you a list with the ten most common mistakes that women make. So take note, and avoid them:

1. Be gracefully late

Forget the diva attitude. Not being at the agreed time shows a lack of commitment and respect for the other’s time. Nor do you cancel at the last minute, or leave it standing. If something unforeseen occurs: excessive traffic, breakdown of your car, a last minute meeting at work or some illness, inform them as soon as possible that you will be late or propose that they meet another day, so that they know that it is not due to lack of interest.

2. Physique doesn’t matter

Appearance is not the only and most important thing for a relationship to work, but dressing up a bit for the occasion is not a bad thing either. Put together the ideal outfit by choosing something that flatters you, with which you feel comfortable and that goes according to your personality and the place you will visit. Accessorize with a cute accessory and a little makeup; Of course, remember that it is about looking flirtatious and feminine, not looking like a femme fatale, because maybe she does not take you very seriously or prefers not to go out with you again.

3. Your life in detail

On the first date they will want to meet and exchange stories, but avoid confusing him at the first coffee with all your traumas, fears, negative experiences and plans. If you want to talk about why you are afraid to start a relationship, better schedule an appointment with your therapist and not with a possible boyfriend. If the relationship is successful, they will have plenty of time to tell all kinds of stories, so don’t do it on one date.

4. Travel in time

They say that to remember is to live again, but believe me, your past is not a good subject for a first date. If you had other love experiences, that’s fine, it’s your story, but you don’t have to give details about why your previous relationship ended or why you are disappointed in love. The important thing is the present and the interest in the appointment.

5. Full throttle

Avoid talking about what your dream wedding would be like or how many children you want to have. Let’s be honest, women tend to idealize our partner quickly, but they take it more calmly and may not feel comfortable with someone who sees them as the future father of their children at the first coffee, or they think that you are desperate for be with someone. Go easy and if you have to be the one, time will tell. Do not rush.

6. Fake stories

Lying is something you should never do, but curiously many tend to do it on the first date. Perhaps because nerves betray or try too hard to make a great first impression, they tend to omit or alter data, and even make up stories, in order to appear perfect in their eyes. Remember, if he asked you on a date it is because he likes you just the way you are, there is no need to alter reality, since the truth always comes out. Just be yourself.

7. Material girl

When looking for a partner we like to know if he is a man with goals, or if he likes to progress, but from that to investigate how much he earns, what he spends it on, if he has a car or how many houses, he only leaves you as an interested woman. You also don’t make a good impression if you show yourself to be whimsical, only wearing designer clothes or vacationing in five-star places. These types of talks present you as a superficial person, lacking a good conversation starter and looking for an ATM, not a partner.

8. Appointment with your social networks

Whether it is because the phone is a support figure in times of stress or because you want to share that you are on a love date, being glued to the phone shows that you have no interest in the date, forget about the cell phone and show your education towards your partner. The likes, retweets or comments on your profile photos can wait for you to get home.

9. First me, then me and lastly me

The first date is to get to know each other roughly, but it must be mutual, it is not about monopolizing the conversation. Let him tell his story too; Listening to him shows that you are interested in him and he will notice that you know how to carry a conversation, but also that you are able to listen.

10. No voice or vote

Having common interests is something valuable in a relationship, as well as agreeing on some issues; However, the diversity of ideas also gives extra points to a courtship. Do not remain silent or say the same as him just to look good. If they match, that’s good, but if not, it will open a debate and an enriching talk. In addition, by presenting your ideas you show yourself as an intelligent person, faithful to your principles and independent.

And you, what do you think is the worst mistake on a first date?

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