How Frustrating! When Your Wife Says “no” To Your Caresses

If you are confused because your wife “rejects” you, these are the reasons why a woman resists her husband’s caresses.

There is no doubt that life is stressful, and that – thank heaven – we have many ways to relax. Activities like writing, singing, running, painting … well, there are too many options to list them all here. As a couple, however, an excellent option that relaxes and, at the same time, helps the relationship infinitely, is intimacy. I’m not going to write all your benefits here; however, it is important to mention that any healthy relationship requires marital relationships, where both are satisfied.

This is why it is not surprising that when a wife says no to an initiative from her husband, he becomes frustrated and even upset. If this happens, these words are for you, not to justify your wife, but to help you understand her better and that both of you are satisfied in your relationship.

Check out these reasons why your wife sometimes says no:


If you are starting your initiatives at ten o’clock at night, don’t be surprised if the answer is negative, since at that time -or even earlier- your wife all she wants to do is sleep. The relationships require energy, which is zero the later it is; So if you want me to say yes, get your plan in place earlier.

Does not feel loved

The simple reality is that we need to feel loved before we can initiate any intimate activity. Many times we can feel that you only want closeness when it comes to an intimate relationship. So make sure your wife knows you love her: tell her often, kiss her tenderly, help her with food and children, and so on. It is important that she feels close to you and loved even before intimacy.

You started too fast

Unless we have a huge desire, most of us need you to start out slowly; if you do it quickly, this is not going to help a desire to exist. Caresses on the face are a good way to start and at the same time send the message that she is beautiful and loved. Take your time with her, and don’t do it faster than she wants, remember that we go little by little.

Feel insecure

Sometimes we need to be beautiful in order to feel a level of desire. Make sure to tell your woman that she looks beautiful, that you like every part of her body, that she looks beautiful even when she does not have a drop of makeup, or especially because of this.

So, as you can see, having your wife say no is not necessarily your fault, but you can do a lot to fix it. If these words are not the reason why your wife has said no, ask her what the cause or motive is and work together to make your intimate relationship improve day after day. Don’t let a “no” stop you from having a happy, fulfilling intimate life out of the routine.

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