How Do I Attend My Children’s Activities, If I Work All Day?

Parents nowadays worked hard to be able to take home enough, but does this justify not participating in your children’s school activities?

I never imagined, nor was it in my plans, to become a teacher. But life and the search for a good education for my daughters led me to teaching. Today I consider that it has been one of the best things that have happened to me in life, first, because I was able to be close to my girls during much of their elementary education and, second, because being a teacher has given me the opportunity to help parents and mothers with the education of their children.

One of the biggest challenges that working parents face is the difficulty of attending and participating in school, extracurricular and parenting activities at their children’s school. I’m going to confess something to you: some of the saddest childhood memories I have of my daughters are precisely those moments when I couldn’t be with them at many of the school festivals, events and other activities. Yes, even though I was a teacher in the same school they attended, I couldn’t be present, because I had my own group and our own activities at different times; or simply because I had bosses and directors that no matter how much I asked them for a few minutes to accompany my daughters, they never agreed. There were countless mothers’ day festivals where I could sit and participate like any other mom.

That is why I understand parents when, when interviewing them, they tell me that they work and that situation prevents them from attending and participating in such activities. For them and for you, if it is your case, I prepared these recommendations that worked for me at the time, hoping that they will be just as useful.

Approach your children’s teacher and report your situation

Send the teacher a note with your phone and email as soon as the school year begins. Explain your situation and ask them to send you the monthly calendar of activities and notify you of the meetings that will take place as far in advance as possible, so that you will have the opportunity to make the necessary arrangements or permits to attend. Keep an open channel of communication with the teacher, it is a very valuable way to make yourself present in your child’s school life. Ask the teacher for help to support your child, currently there are many schools that send calendars and general information about events electronically. Your interest makes the difference, don’t forget it.

Prioritize activities

It is a fact that if your hours are long, you will not be able to attend everything that the school schedules. If this is the case, check your agenda and speak very honestly with your child. Ask him which of the activities he would most like you to attend, and then make that your priority.

Attend at least one activity per school year

Set a goal to attend their events or activities with your child at least once, throughout the school year. Do everything, really everything you can to meet your goal, even if it means that the day is discounted. Your son is worth it, never forget it.

Take advantage of your days off

If you have a day off during the week and during school hours, make an appointment with your child’s teacher to discuss their achievement. Pick up your little one at checkout time, invite his friends over or do homework with him; The important thing is that you take the time to be present and that your little one feels it.

If you are not going to attend the activity, tell your child

Be honest with your little one and let him know when you can’t attend an activity; encourage her and wish her luck. You can also give him a small object of yours to accompany him during that day and give him security. Verify that someone else takes photos and sends them to you. Please never promise to go if you are not sure about it: a big surprise is better than a terrible disappointment. Take pictures with your children in costume before they go to a festival; Ask them to repeat their number or act for you at home and help them with the rehearsals. Make sure they perceive your interest in their activities and achievements.

Look for someone to cover you

When you are married, it is a bit easier to cope with these situations, since one event falls to the father and the next to the mother, so doing these relays, the children are not alone. However, when there is no partner, grandparents, uncles and other relatives can be your great alternative. Just remember that whoever is going to cover you must be someone your child loves.

Don’t try to make up for your mistakes with gifts

A working father or mother is what your child got and he must learn to live with it and be calm. This is achieved with constant dialogue, sincerity, legitimate interest, and lots of love, never money or gifts. In the afternoon or evening when you return home, ask him how his day went, what he did, and how he felt. If you participated in an event, see the photos of it and appreciate your effort and strength. Remember: do not promise what you are not sure to deliver.

Now that my girls are women, we talked and on one occasion I was honest with them expressing the guilt I felt for not being able to attend all their school events. To my surprise and consolation, the three of them agreed that in their memories, Dad and I were always with them, and that feeling is worth gold.

Her son was about to enter high school and she believed she was ready. See that the same does not happen to you

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